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Past Awardees

2016 DOM Resident Research Career Development Awards

Arslan Mizra - Identifying echocardiographic and hemodynamic parameters to predict potential for myocardial recovery following LVAD implantation – advisor, Eman Hamad

Catherine Dillane - A Shock Team improves survival in cardiogenic shock by decreasing time to intervention- advisor, Eman Hamad

Tanya Reznick - Predicting the risk of thyroid cancer with sonographic patterns of thyroid microcalcifications- advisor Cherie Vaz

Eli Miller - The Effect of eating on Glycemic Control among ICU patients continuing to receive Continous IV insulin- advisor Dan Rubin.

2015 DOM Resident Research Career Development Awards

Evan Klein - In-stent thrombosis and presence of malignancy or other inflammatory conditions, mentor: Fred Bove

Andrew Peters - Identifying Prognostic Factors of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, mentor: Emily Tsai

Osama El Shamy - Bacterial Amyloids as Environmental Triggers for SLE, mentor: Roberto Caricchio

Scott Norberg - Angiogenesis and Tumor endothelial markers (TEMS), mentor: Hossein Borghaei

Estefania Oliveros - IVC filter placement trends in LE DVT, mentor: Riyaz Bashir