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Statement of Research

At Temple Global Surgery, we are dedicated to conducting high-quality innovative research driven by the interests and priorities of our collaborators. Research is central to the field of global surgery as we work to continue to define disease burden, identify priority areas, and rigorously evaluate capacity building programs. Below, we summarize a few of our ongoing projects.

Outcomes After Mesh Hernia Repair in Ghana

This is a prospective cohort study aimed at evaluating outcomes after mesh hernia repair performed by medical officers compared to surgeons at Ho Municipal Hospital in Ghana. This study was done in collaboration with Professor Michael Ohene Yeboah (University of Ghana, Ghana Hernia Society) and Dr. Jenny Löfgren (Karolinska Institutet). Our preliminary findings suggest that with adequate training, medical officers and surgeons can safely perform mesh hernia repair in Ghana with equivalent and acceptable outcomes.

Impact Evaluation of a Capacity Building Program for Mesh Hernia Repair in Ghana

With the Ghana Hernia Society, we are rolling out our training program for medical officers in mesh repair to nine district hospitals around Ghana. This study will evaluate the impact of our program on surgical volume at the study sites as well as the safety and effectiveness of mesh hernia repair in the context of the rural first-level hospital in Ghana. 

Tamale Teaching Hospital Trauma Registry

A project in development, we are collaborating with the Tamale Teaching Hospital to develop and implement a trauma registry. The registry will include pre-hospital, resuscitation and inpatient/outcomes data.  The data set will be used to inform trauma systems quality and performance improvement projects.