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Clerkship & Subinternship

Third Year Clerkship

Director: Dione Cash, MD

The third year clerkship in pediatrics is a six-week rotation during which students gain an understanding of those medical issues that face children from birth through adolescence. Each student spends time in the inpatient area, outpatient offices, nursery and pediatric emergency department. The clerkship is offered at five different locations:

  • Temple University Health Science Campus and St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
  • Crozer Chester Medical Center
  • West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh
  • St. Luke's Hospital-Bethlehem Campus
  • Geisinger Medical Center in Danville

These sites help us offer medical students a variety of experiences in pediatrics. The faculty at all sites are experienced clinicians, excellent educators, and very much enjoy working with Temple medical students.

Pediatric Subinternship

Director: Michael Del Vecchio, MD
Location: St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
On First Day Report to: Contact Dr. Del Vecchio by email prior to first day to discuss
Blocks: All blocks except 8 (Dec.), 9 (Jan.), and 12 (last block)
Students/block: 2
Code #: 860A

Goals and Objectives: The subinternship was developed to continue the student’s Pediatric educational process begun in the 3rd year. The student will hone their skills in the special parts of the history and physical special to the pediatric age range. Emphasis is placed on differential diagnosis, disease management and leadership skills. There will also be an introduction to all the four competencies relevant to the practice of Pediatrics as recently outlined by the ACGME. The overall learning experience will be vital in preparing the student for their next level of training.

Description: The subintern will be an integral part of the inpatient pediatric teaching team at SCHC. Performing a pediatric intern role, the subintern will be directly responsible for the care of patients assigned to them (ranging from 4-6 patients). Additionally the subintern will have direct mentoring responsibilities for a third year Temple Medical student. The subintern will take in house call 4 times during the month.

Learning Resources: There are daily teaching rounds with the Pediatric Hospitalist, followed by radiology rounds with a Pediatric Radiologist. The student will attend noon conferences and weekly grand rounds. Additionally, there are twice weekly Chairman’s rounds with the inpatient teaching team. The Pediatric Chairman meeting is to discuss specific cases and pertinent literature. There is Pediatric Chief resident conference every morning. A medical library is available on the premises; additionally the subinterns will have computer access.

Methods of Evaluating Students: Evaluations of knowledge and skill and attitudes and behaviors are done as a group by the attending Hospitalist whom had contact with the subintern.