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Mental Health Care

You do not need to be in crisis to access the below services! You may just want to talk or to consult with a professional.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Confidential. House staff are entitled to 8 free visits with an EAP provider. Temple psychiatrists are not part of this program. Contact or 1-800-437-0911 (access code RBMNE)

The Graduate Medical Education Office offers free and confidential mental health care by an external psychiatrist. Please call 215-707-2673 to schedule.

Care is provided by: Valerie J. Nordquist, MD and Susan Benser, MD. 

Additional Providers at Temple: Chris Combs, PhD, Aurelia Bizamcer, MD, PhD, MPH, Ingre Walters, MD, MD, Pietro Miazzo MD

You can also access care through your health insurance by calling the mental health referral number on the back of your insurance card.