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  • Amanda Deliere, MD - Breast Oncology, North Shore University
  • Ashley Ehret, MD - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Harvard University
  • Laura Greco, MD - Colorectal Surgery, University of Miami – Jackson Memorial
  • Andrea Lubitz, MD - Vascular Surgery, Temple University Hospital
  • Patrick McGovern, MD - Pediatric Surgical Critical Care, Boston Children’s Hospita & Pediatric Surgery, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Cristina Novak, MD - Trauma/Surgical Critical Care, University of Southern California Medical Center
  • Lauren Schmidt, MD - Acute Care Surgery, University of Nevada


  • Yetunde Balogun, MD - Vascular Surgery, University of Missouri
  • David Hindin, MD - Stanford Bio-Design Innovation, Stanford University
  • Catherine Kilmartin. MD - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Virginia
  • Deacon Lile, MD - Captain/Surgeon in the United States Air Force
  • Ryan Moore, MD - Colorectal Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Alexander Neusner, MD - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA
  • Edward Romero, MD - Private Practice


  • Matthew C. Hagan, MD - Plastic Surgery, University of Illinois
  • Melike N. Harfouche, MD - Acute Care Surgery, Maryland Shock Trauma 
  • Matthew P. Kochuba, MD - Trauma/Surgical Critical Care, Maryland Shock Trauma 
  • Sarah E. Koller, MD - Colon & Rectal Surgery, University of Southern California
  • Alison N. Price, MD - Breast Surgery, New York University
  • Seiji Yamaguchi, MD - Abdominal Organ Transplant Surgery, University of California
  • Jeanette Zhang, MD - Trauma/Surgical Critical Care, Boston Medical Center


  • Vishnu Ambur, MD - Vascular Surgery, Cleveland Clinic
  • Ransford Commey, MD - Minimally Invasive Surgery, St. Alexius Hospital
  • Sagar S. Kadakia, MD - Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Carlton T. Lewis, MD - Vascular Surgery, Cornell-Columbia 
  • Robert J. Lukavsky, MD - Plastic Surgery, University of Texas  
  • Eric J. Maiorino, MD - Plastic Surgery, University of Texas
  • Benjamin J. Moran, MD - Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery, Maryland Shock Trauma Center


  • Lucas M. Ferrer-Cardona, MD - Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Michael B. Goldberg, MD - Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Jon Simon Ivey, MD -  Plastic Surgery Fellowship, (MUSC) Medical University of South Carolina
  • Kelly J. Janke, DO - Private Practice, Lancaster General Hospital
  • Benjamin D. Powers, MD - Surgical Oncology Fellowship, Moffitt Cancer Center at the University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine 
  • Esther S. Tseng, MD - Trauma/Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, University of Texas Southwestern/Parkland Memorial Hospital 
  • Cindy Wu, MD - Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


  • JohnPaul C. Chizea, MD - Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Emory University
  • Senthil N. Jayarajan, MD - Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Leandra Krowsoski, MD - Trauma/SCC/ACS Fellowship, Mass General
  • Shariq S. Raza, MD - Trauma/SCC/ACS Fellowship, Mass General
  • Radhika K. Smith, MD - Colon and Rectal Surgery Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic Florida
  • Sharven Taghavi, MD - Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Anne H. Warner, MD - Trauma/SCC/ACS Fellowship, Pittsburgh