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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Journey: Listening, Learning, Leading

This year has underscored the rapidity with which the world is changing.  Along with the challenges of this year have come tremendous opportunities – a sense of appreciation for one another and the sanctity of the bond between us all.  This year has reminded us that we are ONE WORLD.

Though we are ONE WORLD, recent history (COVID, murder of Walter Wallace and social justice movements around the globe) has reminded us of both the successes and opportunities of the past. We have so much work to do in order to move into an era of JUSTICE for ALL.  At Temple Surgery we are working together to rise to the challenge of ensuring a just, equitable and representative surgical training environment and workforce for our community.

As a Department, we began actively Listening and Learning from one another through sessions in which residents, fellows, faculty and leadership were engaged in conversations surrounding issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.  The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee was founded to continue the Learning process, and to transition into the Leading Phase, in which our process can be utilized by other institutions hoping to grow toward justice and equity.