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Rehab in Review Submission Guidelines

Summaries should be between 200 and 250 words. Summaries should begin with a one or two sentence statement indicating why the study was done. This is usually obvious from the introduction to the article itself. This should be followed by a short paragraph indicating what was done, and then a paragraph indicating what was found. The summary should end with a one to two sentence summary of the findings. This allows the reader to either review what was just read, or refresh his/her memory after reading the summary.

I realize that the length restriction is difficult. As a suggestion, the methodology is the easiest area to truncate, leaving the reader with the gist of what was done. The details can be obtained from the full article by those who desire them. Please make all of the summaries factual, with no injection of personal opinion.

Please include:

  • Submitted by: Your name, title, and residency program
  • Article title
  • Journal name with volume number, issue, and page numbers