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Temple University PM&R residency program has a long history and extensive alumni network. We strive to prepare residents to achieve their career goals after graduation. Some pursue fellowships while others choose to go directly into practice. Below is a list of recent alumni who attended fellowships after residency.    

2018 Alumni

  • Dr. Acevedo
    Fellowship: Northeastern Rehab Associates
  • Dr. Hodde
    Fellowship: University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Kinback
    Fellowship: West Penn/Allegheny


Dr. Feng
Fellowship: Allegheny/West Penn Pain

Dr. Godwin
Fellowship: New Jersey Sports Medicine

Dr. Hurd
Fellowship: Alabama Ortho Spine and Sports

Dr. Igolnikov
Fellowship: Penn Sports and Spine

Dr. Menard
Fellowship: Univ New England Neuromuscular Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Dr. Riedel
Fellowship: MossRehab Brain Injury Medicine

Dr. Wilson
Fellowship: Case Western/MetroHealth Spinal Cord Injury Medicine


Dr. Averna
Fellowship: University of New Mexico Hospital Interventional Pain Medicine

Dr. Channick
Fellowship: Geisinger Sports Medicine

Dr. Cuneo
Fellowship: OSS Interventional Spine and Sports

Dr. Leshin
Fellowship: Synovation Medical Group Pain and Regenerative medicine


Dr. Connor          
Fellowship: Dartmouth Pain

Dr. Bonner          
Fellowship: Penn Sports and Spine

Dr. Dua               
Fellowship: Allegheny/West Penn Pain

Dr. Arora             
Fellowship: Lehigh Valley Sports and Spine

Dr. Williams        
Fellowship: Swedish Center Sports


Dr. Galgon           
Fellowship: Premier Ortho Sports and Spine

Dr. Noto               
Fellowship: Rutgers/RWJ Pain

Dr. Mahon            
Fellowship: San Diego Sports

Dr. Dangaria         
Fellowship: Georgia Sports and Spine

Dr. Baron             
Fellowship: Univ Minnesota Peds

Dr. Gingrich          
Fellowship: Univ Wash Sports


Dr. Voto                
Fellowship: Univ Michigan Peds

Dr. Moon               
Fellowship: MossRehab Gait

Dr. Goldman          
Fellowship: MD Anderson Cancer

Dr. Rosero             
Fellowship: Christiana Sports

Dr. Gu                   
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain

Dr. Axelrod            
Fellowship: Penn Sports and Spine

Dr. Stolzenberg      
Fellowship: PSU/Hershey Pain


Dr. Ayala                
Fellowship: NY Presby/Columbia Peds

Dr. Bharera             
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain

Dr. Desai                
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain

Dr. Hezel                
Fellowship: Univ Illinois Sports

Dr. Patel                 
Fellowship: Beth Israel Hospice

Dr. Rafique              
Fellowship: Performance Sports and Spine


Dr. Marino               
Fellowship: Wash Univ TBI

Dr. Rankin               
Fellowship: Performance Sports and Spine

Dr. Olufade              
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain; Crozer Sports

Dr. Collins               
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain


Dr. Mallow               
Fellowship: Performance SS; Crozer Sports

Dr. Benjamin            
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain

Dr. Gollotto              
Fellowship: Reconstruction Ortho Sports

Dr. Kunz                  
Fellowship: MCV Spasticity/TBI

Dr. Sahota               
Fellowship: Performance Sports and Spine

Dr. Henry                 
Fellowship: MAS/Temple Pain