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Residency Quality Improvement and Research

With the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandating resident involvement in quality improvement initiatives, Temple Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency (PM&R) has elected to start a new approach to quality. The residency Program Directors established the PM&R Quality Improvement Committee which began creating and collaborating with representatives from Temple with the mission to improve the care of patients and the quality of the residency program. The PM&R Quality Improvement Committee is made up of residency Program Directors, GME Program Administrator, a Chief Resident, a PGY3 level resident, and representatives from each class supporting various quality initiatives.

The PM&R Quality Improvement Committee designed an improvement and research curriculum that will be compromised into two components: Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Projects, and Research Mentorship.

The PM&R residents are dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients. They are working on analyzing service challenges that simultaneously help patients and the Temple residency program, and ensure that their initiatives align with both institution’s patient safety and QI priorities. The goal behind the curriculum is to facilitate the learning process of, and resident participation in, quality improvement project design and implementation, academic research, and to promote a lifelong approach of actively pursuing and implementing evidence-based best clinical practices.

2021– 2022 Committee Members

  •  Chief Resident: Jacob Koffer, MD
  • PGY 4: Jacob Koffer, MD
  • PGY 4: Erica Montgomery, MD
  • PGY 4: Mia Song, DO
  • PGY 3: Miles Bonner, DO
  • PGY 3: Kaiwen Guo, MD
  • PGY 3: Jason Hamamoto, MD
  • PGY 2: Lenny Rostomian, DO
  • PGY 2: Angela Taylor, DO
  • PGY 2: Hannah Cheng, MD