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Clinical Training

During the year, Temple sleep medicine fellows rotate at one-month intervals between general sleep medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children for pediatric sleep services.

Fellows take an active role in the initial workup, evaluation and management of all sleep patients during these rotations in their own outpatient continuity clinics and in private sleep clinics supervised by Temple’s six sleep faculty members.

Fellows receive a broad experience with outpatient, in-home, and in-lab polysomnography. Fellows first read a sleep study on their own, then review the study epoch-by-epoch with a faculty sleep medicine specialist. Fellows gain experience with adult and pediatric nocturnal polysomnography (sleep laboratory studies and home studies), Multiple Sleep Latency Tests and other types of studies, including those with carbon dioxide monitoring and EEG. Personalized review of sleep studies in the one-on-one sleep study teaching conferences refines fellows’' interpretive skills and diagnostic acumen.

The clinical environment at Temple is characterized by:

  • High patient volume
  • A diverse patient population
  • A high number of complex cases
  • A multidisciplinary team approach to care
  • Supervised, milestone-based progression toward fellow independence