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Clinical Programs

The strength of the Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery lies in its clinical programs. Each year, the department’s physicians treat more than 50,000 patients, of which approximately one-half are cared for on an outpatient basis.

Temple’s pulmonary services extend beyond Temple University Hospital to also cover Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus and the Temple Health Oaks outpatient center. Across the health system, Temple physicians perform approximately 1,000 invasive pulmonary procedures per year. Volume continues to grow with regard to the higher-end, more specialized procedures including endobronchial ultrasound and navigational bronchoscopy. Bronchial thermoplasty has also been added to the repertoire of interventional therapeutics performed by the pulmonary procedures service. Interventional Radiology is a key partner in this component, working alongside our pulmonary interventionalists to provide consistent and simultaneous services from consultations to highly complex care.

Distinct clinical programs found within the department include:    

Lung Transplantation Program

Temple’s Lung Transplantation Program is one of the busiest on the East Coast and has clinical outcomes that exceed UNOS expected outcomes for survival. The program has dedicated pulmonologists and a dedicated inpatient services and outpatient clinic.  

Interstitial Lung Disease Center

The Temple Interstitial Lung Disease Center specializes in the comprehensive care of patients with all types of interstitial lung disease. The center provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatments and a medical team that reviews each case thoroughly and optimizes disease and symptom management.

Critical Care Services

A team approach to pulmonary care is nowhere more valuable than in Temple’s 28-bed respiratory intensive care unit (RICU). The RICU is staffed 24/7 with a pulmonologist/critical care specialist who leads a team of nurse specialists and skilled physicians in training.

Ventilator Rehabilitation Unit

Temple’s well-respected Ventilator Rehabilitation Unit specializes in rehabilitating and weaning patients from prolonged mechanical ventilation and the application of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation. This unit was one of only three U.S. sites chosen by Medicare to test the value of highly specialized care for mechanically ventilated patients.

Sleep Disorders Center

The Temple Sleep Disorders Center has three locations – Temple University Hospital, Jeanes Campus and Temple Health Oaks. The center performs more than 2,500 sleep studies a year, including home sleep tests and daytime studies to diagnose narcolepsy. All studies are interpreted by one of nine board-certified faculty members.

Asthma Program

The Temple Asthma Program specializes in treating patients with asthma that is undiagnosed, rapidly worsening or refractory to treatment. The program also has special expertise in treating exercise-induced asthma in athletes. A four-bed inpatient unit is staffed by a pulmonologist, a nurse and a respiratory therapist.  

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Temple University Hospital offers a comprehensive outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program for people with various lung disorders. The program’s pulmonary specialists are available to patients for consultation, and exercise sessions are monitored by a staff of full-time respiratory therapists and exercise physiologists who are certified in advanced emergency procedures.