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Mission Statement/Program Aims

Mission Statement

The mission of the pathology residency training program at Temple University Hospital is to provide its trainees with a well-rounded education in both anatomic and clinical pathology that will enable them to work in either a community or an academic setting.

In addition, the program strives, along with all other clinical departments at Temple University Hospital, to provide access to high-quality standard of care and cutting edge technology and advancements in medicine to the population of North Philadelphia to help improve health equity. Historically, the hospital was founded to provide free care for those unable to afford payment, regardless of race, nationality or creed. Today, Temple continues to uphold that mission and has grown into a nationally respected center of healing, caring, teaching and research. Although it uses the latest technology and treatments, its staff use one remedy that can never be replaced or improved: person-to-person passionate care.

Program Aims

The values of the Department of Pathology at Temple University Hospital and the hospital at large are Respect, Service and Quality. The Pathology Department plays a unique central role in the multidisciplinary value-based and patient-centric care in the era of precision and informatics dominated medicine. Our faculty with diverse expertise provide excellent clinical services in anatomic (AP) and clinical pathology (CP) in support of Temple Health’s renowned clinical programs (COPD, lung/heart transplants, cancer, cardiovascular among others). The hospital supports Temple University and the Lewis Katz School of Medicine’s academic programs by providing the clinical environment and service to support the highest quality teaching and training programs for health care students and professionals, and to support the highest quality research programs. The Department of Pathology contributes to the education of pathology residents in addition to the education of medical, dental and podiatry students as well as those enrolled in the physician assistant program. The department of pathology also runs a robust basic science and clinical research program supported by extramural funding from NIH, NSF, and the state of Pennsylvania.