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Surgical Experience

The surgical experience at Temple is rich and varied.  Residents receive comprehensive surgical training in all specialties of ophthalmology at all of the major clinical sites.  Regular wet-lab training and microsurgery workshops teach residents microsurgical skills early in their training.  An Eyesi surgical simulator is available to all residents at the Wilmington VA Hospital.

Temple is unique in that residents have early surgical exposure beginning in their first year.  From then, surgical experience and responsibility is increased as the years of residency progress.

Average Surgical Volume of Our Recent Graduates


  • As Primary Surgeon: 155
  • As Assistant: 78


  • As Primary Surgeon: 1
  • As Assistant: 4


  • As Primary Surgeon: 14
  • As Assistant: 25

Globe Rupture Repair

  • As Primary Surgeon: 8
  • As Assistant: 3


  • As Primary Surgeon: 14
  • As Assistant: 1


  • As Primary Surgeon: 54
  • As Assistant: 19

Retina and Vitreous

  • As Primary Surgeon: 3
  • As Assistant: 18

Laser Procedures

  • As Primary Surgeon: 73
  • As Assistant: 2

Intravitreal Injections

  • As Primary Surgeon: 120
  • As Assistant: 1