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Rotations/Clinical Experience 

Temple Ophthalmology prides itself on the fine balance of autonomy and supervision to ensure our graduates receive an excellent education as well as the opportunity to grow into responsible physicians ready to step into an attending role themselves. All of our clinical sites have been structured to have resident-run clinics with dedicated attending supervision for every patient encounter. This allows residents to take ownership of their patients as well as allow continuity of care. Residents have exposure to cornea, retina, glaucoma, oculoplastics and comprehensive all year-round and therefore can follow their patients longitudinally to gain a deeper understanding of ocular disease.

The Temple University Hospital facilities are located four miles north of Center City, Philadelphia. Temple residents also have the privilege of rotating through five other major institutions during their training listed below. This combination of clinical environments provides a broad and diverse training experience.


Internship: Temple University Internal Medicine

Temple Ophthalmology is a joint program with Internal Medicine. The PGY-1 year will be completed at Temple University Hospital in the Internal Medicine department prior to starting full-time with the Ophthalmology Department during the PGY-2 year. Every 5th week of the PGY-1 year will be protected time spent on the Ophthalmology service at the Temple site.

PGY-1s are provided with the BCSC books at the beginning of their year. Their schedule during ophthalmology is tailored to help them master refraction, basic slit lamp exam, dilated fundus exam with indirect, and consult triaging/evaluations.


Temple University Hospital

This is the home institution where residents spend the most time overall. Our residents spend 8 months here as PGY-2s, 4 months as PGY-3s and 4 months as PGY-4s. There are 5 full time faculty and 4 adjunct faculty members. 

3401 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140
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Wilmington Hospital in Christiana Care System

Our residents spend 4 months here as PGY-2s and another 4 months as PGY-4s. There are subspecialty clinics staffed by a variety of community ophthalmologists. This unique experience gives residents some insight on private practice. Residents have access to the gamut of ophthalmic imaging and there is a surgery center where they operate under the supervision of a variety of attendings. The clinic was renovated in 2019.

501 W 14th St, Wilmington, DE 19801
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Wilmington Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Our residents spend 4 months during their PGY-3 year and another 4 months during their PGY-4 year. The ophthalmic clinic was renovated in 2015 and offers a slightly different patient population in addition to a robust surgical experience. This is the site of the Eyesi Simulator as well. Residents will be trained by dedicated faculty that cover all adult subspecialties to provide a complete experience.

1601 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19805
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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Temple residents spend 6 weeks rotating with the Nemours Pediatric Ophthalmology team. This is a highly regarded clinical and surgical experience by every resident.

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Our residents spend 4 weeks primarily with Dr. Mark Moster at Wills Eye Hospital and his Elkins Park, PA clinic during their PGY-3 year. He is a Temple University Hospital Alumni.


Ocular Pathology

Our residents spend 6 weeks here during their PGY-3 year. This is a unique experience to dive deep into ocular pathology and learn from the world renowned Dr. Ralph Eagle.

840 Walnut Street, Suite 1410, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Low Vision

While rotating at the Wilmington VA, PGY-3s have a ½ day a month in the optometry department to work with low vision patients. This experience provides exposure and understanding of how to help visually impaired patients beyond medical and surgical treatment.