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Clerkship Program

The Department of Neurosurgery is always pleased to have medical students rotate through and learn more about our clinical service. Whether it be the clinical setting or the classroom, we have always espoused a strong tradition of teaching, and welcome first through fourth year medical students to partake of what we can offer.
Third and fourth year medical students are welcome to rotate on our clinical service during any month. As a fourth year student, one may also rotate under the guise of a "sub-intern," taking on greater roles and responsibilities and using the rotation to prepare for a residency in neurosurgery. We generally recommend students interested in doing a sub-internship to rotate in the early months of the academic year.
Fourth year medical students from outside institutions are also welcome to rotate through the Temple Neurosurgery service. For information regarding applying for such rotations, please contact Karen Specos via email at, or by phone at 215-707-4068.
Students interested in applying for a residency in Neurosurgery are encouraged to speak with Dr. Kadir Erkmen, Residency Program Director, and/or any other faculty for mentorship regarding the field and applications.