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Meet Our Current Fellows 


ID Fellow - Veronica Veronica Bandres, MD
Universidad Central de Venezuela, Luis Razetti School of Medicine

“I chose Temple because it’s a great place to learn not only the bread and butter of ID but also have exposure to transplant ID.  Additionally, there is amazing collegiality amongst the fellows and faculty.  I love Philly because it offers a wide variety of things to do; restaurants, bars, happy hours and breweries as well as being close to hiking trails and the beach.“

Twitter: @Verobandres


Carly ID Fellow at TempleCarly Sedlock, MD
Thomas Jefferson University Sydney Kimmel College of Medicine

“One of the strengths of Temple is in the variety of patients you see every day.  In a single day you can go from HIV clinic to a complicated lung transplant patient to seeing a patient with endocarditis and staph aureus bacteremia who just underwent valve surgery. In addition to the great cases you see here you also get to work with a great group of people.  I love my co-fellows and there is a lot of camaraderie among the fellows and the faculty here.“

Twitter: @SedlockCarly



Stephanie - ID Fellow at TempleStephanie Spivack, MD
George Washington School of Medicine

“I did my Medicine residency here at Temple and I really wanted to stay because I love Temple’s mission of serving the North Philadelphia population as a safety-net hospital, I also knew I would get a really strong clinical training here.  I’ve come to appreciate how the ID department feels like a family, it’s a supportive environment to work in and we really love spending time with each other both inside and outside of work.”

Twitter: @Steph_aureus




Elizabeth Novick, MD
Georgetown School of Medicine

“More than anywhere else I interviewed for ID fellowship, Temple had that perfect blend of high-quality academics and friendly, welcoming people. From a clinical standpoint, I knew I wanted to see lots of common ID pathology as well as complex, challenging cases. The Temple patient population allows you to see plenty of both. From uncomplicated Staph bacteremia, to travel medicine, to transplant ID, you'll see it all here! During my interview at Temple, I was impressed with the expertise of even the relatively new first year fellows. But best of all is that Temple cultivates that impressive clinical acumen in a warm and friendly environment that I knew would make me look forward to coming to work every day. Now that I've started ID fellowship, I can say confidently that I couldn't be happier with my choice." 



ID - StephenStephen Pagkalinawan, MD
Rutgers NJ Medical School

I chose Temple for several reasons:

  1. Because I’ve always gravitated to helping care for underserved communities
  2. Temple seemed to have a wide range of the “bread and butter” ID cases, plus many “zebras”
  3.  Exposure to Transplant ID with multiple different transplant services at Temple
  4. The current fellows seemed like smart ID docs, but also with a life outside of the hospital



Temple ID Fellow - ToreyTorey Roesch, MD
Thomas Jefferson University Sydney Kimmel College of Medicine

“I chose Temple ID because I wanted to be exposed to a wide variety of pathology and work at an institute that had both complex and bread and butter cases. There is so much great exposure and variety, including solid organ transplant, opportunistic infections, and infections of advanced cardiac devices. You also get to work with an amazing group of clinicians who love to teach and have fun.”