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Clinical Programs

The Section of Infectious Diseases is predominantly an inpatient consultation service at Temple University Hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center and the Jeanes Hospital bone marrow unit. We average five to six new consults per day on general ID and one to two per day on the transplant service at Temple University Hospital. We see about one to two new consults per day at The Fox Chase Cancer Center and the Jeanes bone marrow unit. Temple University Hospital is a 721-bed tertiary urban hospital; approximately 75% of patients are from North Philadelphia and the rest are referred from elsewhere. Fox Chase Cancer Center is located in the Fox Chase area north of Philadelphia and is a referral cancer hospital of approximately 80 beds.

In addition, the Section of Infectious Diseases has multiple busy outpatient clinics. The first is a travel medicine practice where patients come in for counseling and vaccination prior to their travels. In addition, we have a comprehensive virology clinic that includes HIV treatment and its prevention as well as hepatitis C treatment. We also have a general infectious diseases outpatient practice where we see referrals from other practices as well as follow up patients.