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Medical Student Electives

Prevention and Treatment of HIV in Vulnerable Populations, and LGBTQ+ Care Elective

This is an elective for fourth-year medical students in Ambulatory Medicine. Students will spend this elective seeing patients at both Episcopal Hospital and the Mazzoni Center, as well as in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections via telemedicine.

Students will interact with patients both in the outpatient setting and in the prison setting, and will participate in conversations regarding their health care, mental health, nutritional status, treatment choices, living conditions, and comorbidities.  For those patients who are incarcerated, the students will learn how prison both presents opportunities and barriers to care, and how transitions to freedom may jeopardize that health. They will also take part in LGBTQ+ centered care, and will learn about gender affirming hormone therapy for transgender and gender nonconforming patients. At the end of the elective, they will be familiar with HIV therapy, medications used in prevention of HIV infection, HCV therapy, and gender affirming hormones.

Ambulatory Medicine Elective (4th Year)

The Section of General Internal Medicine is the site for the fourth-year medical student elective in Ambulatory Medicine. During this rotation, students work with a variety of Internal Medicine faculty preceptors in caring for patients in an underserved urban community. With emphases on patient-centered care and preventive medicine, they gain experience in the diagnosis of the undifferentiated patient, and in the assessment and management of acute and chronic problems in primary care. Students also participate in didactic conferences and lectures that are part of the Temple University Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program.