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Research Programs

The Section of Cardiology is currently involved in multiple clinical trials focused on long-term research in patients with end-stage organ dysfunction and ventricular assist devices (VADs) as destination therapy, as well as bridge-to-transplant therapy.

As healthcare faces an increasing population of patients 60 and older with varying stages of chronic disease, the challenge is how to manage them in an efficient yet meaningful way.

Temple is among the first to pioneer a system that will allow for the management of patients electronically using an Intranet-based communication system.

Strengthening the patient-provider relationship is the key to controlling cardiovascular risk. Physicians receive more feedback and can customize education and adjustments to patients' medications and activities to maximize success of treatment.

  •     Cost-effective. Avoids the increased staffing it would take to call each patient individually.
  •     Significant capacity for data transfer. Patients can communicate information by entering it into a simple electronic form and sending it to their physician on a regular basis.
  •     Low overhead. No extra equipment is necessary, eliminating the current constraints to devices that transmit information to call centers. Patients can travel and still conveniently report in with a blood pressure cuff and access to the web, and their care remains uninterrupted.
  •     Flexible. Practitioners can respond to the information at their convenience and often can make recommendations over the Intranet as well, again eliminating the extra time it takes to reach patients by phone.
  •     Accessible. Patients with minimal experience with technology can be easily trained to use this system.

Temple has now established a formal telemedicine research center, and four grant-funded projects are underway related to diabetes, heart failure, cardiovascular risk reduction and obesity. These programs allow patients of all ages and at all stages of chronic disease to be conveniently managed at home.