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Cardiology Podcast 

CardioNerds join Temple Cardiology Fellow and Faculty (Drs. Kaitlyn Ibrahim and Dr. Paul Forfia) for another fantastic Podcast, Listen in below!



CardioNerds join Temple Cardiology Fellows (Dr. Anika Vaidy and Dr. Anne-Sophie Lacharite-Roberge) and Associate Program Director Dr. Anjali Vaidya in Philadelphia, PA! Listen in on another great Podcast!



National Conferences

Dr. Nedda Dastmalchi (PGY-5) authored an article Prioritizing Health | A Holistic Approach: Nutrition to Promote Good Mental Health, Prevent Heart Disease.

Dr. Oby Ibe (PGY-5) authored an article For the FITs | What’s DEI Got to Do With It?.

Dr. Anne-Sophie Lacharite-Roberge (PGY-6) authored articles Inspiring Women in the Pursuit of Electrophysiology and Supporting Pregnant Trainees.


Women in Cardiology Leadership Workshop

Dr. Kaitlyn Ibrahim (PGY-6) authored an article for the American College of Cardiology (ACC) highlighting the 2019 American College of Cardiology Women in Cardiology Leadership Workshop.


Cardiovascular Institute of Philadelphia – COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Dr. Anne-Sophie Lacharite-Roberge (PGY-5) speaks on COVID-19 and Pregnancy for the Cardiovascular Institute of Philadelphia as part of their CVI Heartbites program.