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Fellowship Curriculum

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Resident pointing to an image on a monitor with professor observing

  • Perform and interpret echocardiographic images from transthoracic, transesophageal (general, intra-operative, and structural intervention), stress, strain, and 3D echocardiography
  • Begin hands-on training with TEE their first year

Doctor pointing to a monitor and a resident in scrubs observing nearby 



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  • Perform and interpret myocardial perfusion stress imaging
  • Opportunity to interpret nuclear imaging studies with both Cardiology and Radiology faculty
  • Exposure to additional imaging modalities including, PET, amyloid PYP scans, thallium viability studies, and MUGA scans


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Cardiac Catheterization

A woman wearing purple scrubs standing across from Philips medical deviceA woman in scurbs showing something to a man in scrub on a computer


  • Immersive hands-on exposure to invasive hemodynamic assessment and coronary anatomy
  • Complex structural heart interventions by high-volume operators
  • Peripheral arterial and venous interventions including acute and chronic venous thromboembolism
  • Intra-procedural management of cardiogenic shock with percutaneous mechanical circulatory support
  • Right heart catheterization and endomyocardial biopsy experience with dedicated PH-RHF/LHF-Txp Cardiology attendings


General Consults

Smiling residents looking at a chart with their professor

  • Consultation on a wide breadth of disease among medical and surgical patients
  • Operates as an interface between the primary medical services and the invasive and non-invasive cardiac laboratories
  • Opportunities to teach housestaff, medical students, PA students


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  • Multidimensional rotation including inpatient consultation, outpatient care, and dedicated time in the electrophysiology laboratory
  • Exposure to basic device implantation and EP studies, as well as advanced EP therapies such as His-bundle pacing, leadless pacemakers, device extractions, and complex ablations (including epicardial and endocardial VT)

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

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  • Cardiology fellow serves as junior attending in a resident-staffed CICU with oversight from dedicated cardiology faculty
  • Consultation on post-operative cardiac surgery, LVAD, heart transplant, pulmonary thromboendarterectomy, and mechanical circulatory support patients
  • Opportunities for invasive bedside procedures

Left Heart Failure and Transplant

  • Cardiology fellow serves as junior attending on resident-staffed inpatient heart failure service
  • Consultation on patients being evaluated for advanced heart failure therapies
  • Work in a large multidisciplinary team to manage pre- and post-transplant and VAD patients
  • Dedicated month in outpatient left heart failure, right heart failure, VAD, and transplant clinics

Pulmonary Hypertension & Right Heart Failure

  • Service exclusively run by Cardiology division as a Nationally Accredited Center of Comprehensive Care
  • Multidimensional rotation including inpatient consultation, outpatient care, and dedicated time in the invasive hemodynamics laboratory including exercise RHC with invasive CPET
  • Second largest CTEPH program in the country and a national leader in pulmonary thromboendarterectomy (PTE) and balloon pulmonary angioplasty (BPA)


Two residents with their professor looking at an image on a computer screen

  • Additional elective opportunities exist including vascular medicine, preventative cardiology, pediatric & adult congenital cardiology, advanced cardiac imaging, cardiac rehabilitation, intraoperative TEE, CT surgery, ECMO, Palliative Care, and research


  • A consecutive week of nights as primary in-house cardiologist
  • Assist resident-staffed CICU team
  • Cover all cardiac emergent procedures including STEMI, TVP, TTE

Continuity Clinic

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  • Half-day of clinic per week for each fellow to follow their own panel of patients longitudinally
  • Work alongside attending preceptor using the same clinic infrastructure, nursing, and administrative assistant

Block Schedule (Weeks)