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Clerkship Program

A four week rotation in Emergency Medicine is offered to fourth year medical students attending LCME and AOA accredited medical schools. The rotation consists of 14 to 16 eight-hour clinical shifts which provide the student an opportunity to work with our faculty and residents in our main Emergency Department, Yellow Zone (intermediate care area), and our Green Zone (low acuity area). In addition to the clinical shifts, an observation shift can be arranged with the hospital's critical care transport service which is run by the Division of Emergency Medical Services. The didactic portion of the rotation consists of a half-day orientation in addition to three 3-hour sessions in the Simulation Center reviewing a wide variety of clinical cases. In addition, students are typically invited to attend our weekly resident conference. All students are relieved of clinical responsibilities to attend our resident and student conferences.

All visiting students should apply through AAMC VSAS. Visiting students are typically accepted for July - November each academic year.