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Clerkship / MD Elective

The anesthesiology clerkship at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University will provide students with a well-rounded and comprehensive exposure to clinical anesthesiology. Rotating students will be involved with all aspects of perioperative anesthesia patient care under the supervision of a preceptor. The Department of Anesthesiology provides basic and advanced anesthesiology clerkships and a chronic pain management clerkship. The anesthesiology clerkships at the Department of Anesthesiology have consistently received excellent evaluations and feedback from rotating medical students.

The basic anesthesiology clerkship is an elective two-week clinical experience offered to third year medical students. During the rotation students are introduced to the principles of anesthetic management while rotating through the general operating room.

The advanced anesthesiology clerkship is an elective four-week experience offered to fourth year medical students. This option provides a multidisciplinary, in-depth and comprehensive exposure to perioperative anesthetic management of critically ill surgical patients and patients undergoing major surgery. In addition to spending two weeks in the general operating room, rotating students spend two weeks rotating through anesthesia subspecialties such as preadmission testing, cardiac anesthesia, acute pain management, obstetric anesthesia and neuroanesthesia. The department conducts clinical conferences and a didactic lecture course specifically designed for medical students.

The chronic pain management clerkship is an elective four-week experience that provides the students with exposure to the basic principles of chronic pain management and interventional pain management procedures. The Department of Anesthesiology also provides a two-week chronic pain management clerkship as a split rotation with a two-week palliative medicine clerkship.

Students must apply through the School of Medicine clerkship office. Interested visiting students can apply for the advanced clerkship through the visiting student application service (VSAS).