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Community Training

The Training and Capacity Building for Community Partners (TCBCP) is a program designed for community partners.  Its purpose is to increase partners’ capacity in developing community health promotion and intervention projects by involving CBO partners in pilot study project development, institutionalizing CAH’s health education/intervention program using TOT model, nurturing their ability in grant writing, arranging special skill training workshops, and co-organizing and conducting community meetings and community activities. Community partners training topics have focused a range of topics that included cultural competency, tobacco issues, smoking prevention and intervention, cancer health disparities, patient navigation, chronic dieses prevention, cancer prevention strategies for Asian populations, bio-specimen research participation among Asian American community, clinical trials, project evaluation, and grant writing skills. The TCBCP played an important role in mobilizing community interest and is an important component of CAH goal to reduce health disparities and improve health equity among Asian Pacific Americans, underrepresented and underserved diverse populations.