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While the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University always has initiatives and campaigns going on to support specific programs and opportunities, there are some things that are top institutional priorities that all donors should consider supporting.

Support-a-Scholar Program

The Katz School of Medicine’s Support-a-Scholar program is its top fundraising priority, as the center of our mission will always be medical education. This program ensures continued affordable access to medical education for bright and talented students from all backgrounds.

A Pressing Need

It’s no secret that the cost of medical education has skyrocketed. As government support has decreased and the cost to educate a student has increased, that burden has increasingly fallen to students. This causes many young physicians to graduate with significant debt, and many other bright and talented students to be priced out of pursuing a career in medicine entirely.

Our Plan

Scholarship support makes all the difference for students who want to pursue their passion, rather than feel forced to choose specialties or career paths just to help them pay off their loans faster.

The Support-a-Scholar Fund enables students from all backgrounds to study medicine at Temple and provides relief from excessive debt.

There is no greater investment you can make in the future of medicine, and no greater way to have a direct impact on the lives of our students!

Please consider making a gift to the Support-a-Scholar Fund today.