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Medical Education and Research Building (MERB)

Apply Online

Apply Online Here 

Please read the following instructions for the completion and submission of your PhD or MS program applications.  The application deadline is February 15. There will be no deadline extension for incomplete applications. An application will be considered complete once the required application materials have been received and verified. Because BioMedCAS may take several weeks to process your submitted materials, we strongly recommend that all application materials are submitted early.


  • Applicants to any graduate program at Temple University should have at least a 3.0 GPA from their undergraduate studies to be considered for admission.
  • Successful applicants have taken Biology, General and Organic Chemistry, and Physics, often along with at least one advanced science courses.
  • All applicants must be either in their final year of an undergraduate curriculum or already recipients of a BA, BS or MS degree.
  • PhD applicants should have demonstrated research experience beyond coursework labs.  The program strongly encourages students with either experience as a full-time technician or full-time independent summer research to apply.
  • All international applicants who are approved to apply are required to fulfill the Temple University Graduate School requirements.

How to Apply

  • Applications may only be submitted through the BioMedCAS centralized application service. All required materials are uploaded directly to your application in BioMedCAS, no materials should be submitted to the Biomedical Sciences program offices.
  • If you have specific questions about the program you may email us at or call us directly at 215-707-6687. For specific questions about the application, please contact BioMedCAS Customer Service by email If you have specific questions about the program you may email us at or call us directly at 215-707-6687. For specific questions about the application, please visit the BioMedCAS Customer Service Help page or by chat using the icon at the lower right corner of the application. When contacting BioMedCAS be sure to have your CAS ID number which is found under your name in the upper right corner of the application.

Required Materials

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
    • All applicants must submit an up-to-date CV/resume.  In addition to academic and research summaries, include publications, poster presentations, awards and any professional honors you may have received.
  • English Proficiency
    • All international students whose academic instruction was not exclusively English or who did not graduate from a US or Canadian institution must submit valid (< 2 years old) scores from either a TOEFL,  IELTS or DuoLingo exam. The Graduate School at Temple University requires minimal scores of 79 for the TOEFL, 6.5 for the IELTS or 110 DuoLingo for admission.
    • To release the official TOEFL score to BioMedCAS, first contact ETS and request to send your scores to BioMedCAS using code #B765. To match the scores to your application you must have the same name and date of birth on both the TOEFL and your BioMedCAS application.  If you have not yet taken a TOEFL exam you may still apply, the scores will be reviewed once they have been received.
    • If you have taken an IELTS exam you may upload an unofficial copy. You should be aware that if do you matriculate, you’ll be required to provide an official IELTS report.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • Three letters of recommendation are required. Each letter should be on institutional letterhead, signed and dated. At least one should be from someone with direct knowledge of your research ability and preparation for graduate study.  At least one should be from an instructor who can comment on your academic readiness for graduate study. The letters are requested and uploaded through the BioMedCAS system.
  • Standardized Test Scores
    • The GRE is optional. For those applicants with a valid (<5 year old) score, an unofficial copy can be uploaded with your application.
  • Transcripts
  • Written Statements (Two)
    • Tell us about yourself; your research experiences and interests, future professional goals and why you are applying to our program.
    • Describe an academic or laboratory challenge you have experienced. What was the nature of the situation, how did you handle the issue and what did you gain from the experience?

Admission and Interviews

  • Successful MS applicants will be notified of decisions by email.
  • Successful PhD applicants will be invited to interview in-person at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine beginning in early January.
  • Admission is on a rolling basis until the class has been filled.