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How do I apply?
Applications are made to the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program online using the web-based application program ApplyYourself. There is an application fee of $60.

What are the admission requirements?
Applicants should have a baccalaureate degree from a recognized and accredited institution. The minimum undergraduate GPA for admission, as required by the Temple University Graduate School, is 3.0. Students are required to submit standardized scores, most often the GRE, although MCAT may be accepted (check with the program you are applying to). International students must have an internet-based TOEFL score of 79 or greater or an IELTS of at least 6.5.

Are there any course requirements for admission?
The majority of students who apply have taken Biology, General and Organic Chemistry and Calculus, often along with additional advanced science courses. Many students who apply, but not all, have some prior research experience.

What is the average GPA and GRE of accepted students?
The average undergraduate GPA for our incoming 2018 graduate students is 3.5 and the average GRE scores are 154 Verbal Reasoning and 152 Quantitative Reasoning. Although the Biomedical Sciences program does not have a minimal GRE rank for admission, matriculants typically score at or above the 70th percentile rank.

Can I apply for either fall or spring admission?
The Biomedical Sciences program only admits students to the fall semester.

Are transfer students accepted?
Yes. Students meeting the requirements for admission may transfer from an accredited graduate program. Advance standing is awarded to transfer students based upon the equivalence of courses completed and the grade received. The decision on the number of credits accepted is made by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to teach?
There are no teaching requirements.

How long does it take to graduate?
Masters degrees can be completed in 2 years with full-time matriculation, while our PhD students usually complete their degree within 5 to 6 years. Temple University has a 7-year time limit for completion of the PhD degree.

How are students funded?
All PhD students receive a competitive annual stipend, health insurance and tuition remission.

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