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Dean's Office

Amy Goldberg, MD
Interim Dean, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
George S. Peters, MD and Louise C. Peters Chair and Professor, Surgery 

Thomas G. Kupp
Senior Vice Dean, Finance and Administration
Lewis Katz School of Medicine


Jacob Ufberg, MD
Associate Dean, Admissions
Applicants to LKSOM, please email 

Clinical Affairs

Claire Raab
President and Chief Executive Officer
Temple Faculty Physicians
Temple University Health System 


Maryellen Gusic, MD
Senior Associate Dean, Education 

Denise Salerno, MD
Interim Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education 
Associate Dean, Longitudinal Curricular Threads

David J. Karras, MD
Associate Dean, Phase 1-M1

Karen Lin, MD 
Interim Assistant Dean, Phase 1-M2 

Neil King, MD
Interim Assistant Dean, Phase 2 

David A. Wald, DO
Interim Assistant Dean, Phase 3
Associate Dean, Clinical Simulation

Lawrence Kaplan, MD
Associate Dean, Interprofessional Education

Dianne R. Soprano, PhD
Associate Dean, Graduate & MD/PhD Programs

Scott K. Shore, PhD
Associate Dean, Graduate & Special Programs

Susan Coull, MBA
Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education

Joseph Rudy
Assistant Dean, Administration and Education

Student Support 

Dione J. Cash, MD, MPH
Interim Associate Dean, Student Support

Hannah Ravreby, MD
Assistant Dean, Academic Coaching

Jacob Ufberg, MD
Interim Assistant Dean, Career Advising 

Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Abiona Berkeley, MD, JD
Interim Senior Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Faculty Affairs

Heather Clauss, MD
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Douglas Tilley, PhD
Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs


Steven R. Houser, PhD
Senior Associate Dean, Research

T. Dianne Langford, PhD
Associate Dean, Research

Grace X. Ma, PhD     
Associate Dean, Health Disparities

Laurie Kilpatrick, PhD
Assistant Dean, Clinical Research 

Joanne Cortese
Assistant Dean, Research Administration

Dorian L. Culmer-Butler, DVM, DACLAM
Assistant Professor and University Attending Veterinarian/Director of the University Laboratory
Resources (ULAR)
University Laboratory and Animal Resources


Ann Untalan
Assistant Dean, Institutional Research Administration

Paula Davis West
Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration
Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Temple Faculty Physicians


Michael Lester
Assistant Dean, Faculty Recruitment and Retention 
Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Temple Faculty Physicians, Temple University Health System 

Steve Szybowski
Director, Space Planning & Management 
Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Temple Faculty Physicians, Temple University Health System

Gregory Zimmaro
Assistant Dean, Human Resources & Administration
Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Temple Faculty Physicians, Temple University Health System

Institutional Advancement

Nina Weisbord
Chief Advancement Officer, Temple Health
Assistant Dean, Lewis Katz School of Medicine
Associate Vice President, Temple University

Information Technology/Informatics

Felicia Boccuti
Director, Information Technology

Wayne Satz, MD
Interim Assistant Dean, Informatics

Affiliate Clinical Sites

Clinical and Regional Campuses

St. Luke’s University
Shaden Eldakar-Hein, MD
Senior Associate Dean

Clinical Teaching Sites

Lancaster General Hospital
Christine Stabler, MD
Associate Dean