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Clinical and Behavioral Core develops Human Specimen Repository

To further facilitate the mission of this core in bridging the gap between clinical and basic research activities in neuroAIDS, the Clinical and Behavioral Core has recently established the CNAC Clinical Core Human Specimen Repository, through which we are collecting and storing human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and plasma from HIV infected persons recruited through the Temple Comprehensive HIV program. Through this program, investigators have access to blood specimens and clinical data from a highly diverse and well-characterized cohort of HIV infected individuals. Clinical data are collected on all participants, including CD4+ T-cell counts, viral load, illicit drug use, and anti-retroviral therapy regimen. Neuropsychological evaluation data are available for some participants. Specimens are available to investigators to support translational research studies that advance our current understanding of the neuropathogenesis of HIV infection and explore strategies for therapeutic intervention. As an additional mechanism for assisting investigators interested in human subjects research, the Clinical and Behavioral Core also provides mentorship in human subjects protocols and institutional review board (IRB) submission and assesses the feasibility for translational projects. Through these services, the Clinical and Behavioral Core is strategically positioned to engage a broad range of investigators in projects that integrate basic science, neurocognitive, and clinical research questions into complementary protocols with the same study cohort.

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