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Transfer Policy

Requests for transfer to the MD degree program with advanced standing will be considered in extenuating circumstances, based upon availability of resources, and limited to enter the third year of the medical school program. Requests will be addressed to the Associate Dean for Admissions, and include an explanation of the extenuating circumstances (such as family illness or transfer of a spouse). The Associate Dean for Admissions will consult with the Senior Associate Dean for Education to determine the adequacy of institutional resources to accommodate such a request. The deadline for submitting a letter of request is January 30th.  Supporting material is due May 1st.

The following conditions must be met for such consideration:

  • Current enrollment, in good academic standing, in an LCME-accredited US or Canadian Medical School
  • Letter from current institutional official (Dean or designee, such as Dean for Student Affairs) indicating good academic standing
  • Satisfactory completion of pre-clinical curricular content that corresponds to LKSOM content
  • USMLE Step I score of at least 230 (Applicant must release the USMLE score to LKSOM)
  • Release of AMCAS application to LKSOM
  • Pre-medical school academic credentials that are similar to corresponding LKSOM entering class
  • Satisfactory criminal background and child abuse checks
  • Two letters of reference from current medical school faculty (in addition to letter from institutional official)

If resources are adequate and all conditions for consideration are met, the student must interview with at least two members of the Admissions Committee and receive a favorable recommendation from the Committee; an Acceptance Subcommittee recommendation for transfer/ acceptance with advanced standing must follow.