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Domenico Praticò, MD
Domenico Praticò, MD

Scott Richards North Star Charitable Foundation Chair for Alzheimer’s Research
Director and Professor, Alzheimer's Center at Temple
Professor, Neural Sciences
Professor, Center for Translational Medicine

John Elrod
John Elrod, PhD

Director, Aging + Cardiovascular Discovery Center (ACDC)
Professor, Cardiovascular Sciences

Silvia Fossati
Silvia Fossati, PhD

Associate Professor, Neural Sciences
Associate Professor, Alzheimer's Center at Temple
Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Sciences
Associate Professor, Lemole Center for Integrated Lymphatics and Vascular Research

Victor Luna
Victor Luna, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Neural Sciences
Assistant Professor, Alzheimer’s Center at Temple

Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD
Abdel Karim Sabri, PhD

Professor, Aging + Cardiovascular Discovery Center (ACDC)
​Professor, Cardiovascular Sciences
Professor, Alzheimer's Center at Temple
Professor, Center for Metabolic Disease Research
Professor, Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center
Professor, Biomedical Education and Data Science