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The Lewis Katz School of Medicine Celebrates Outstanding Faculty Members and Students during Awards Day

News May 14, 2021

On Thursday, May 6, 2021, the Lewis Katz School of Medicine held its annual Awards Day to honor outstanding faculty members and student achievements. The event was virtually streamed on the LKSOM YouTube Channel. Friends and families from near and far celebrated the skilled teachers and the talented physician and researcher candidates who made up this year's honorees. The philanthropic nature of Awards Day was also on display, as many of the awards were established by generous donors to recognize and celebrate traditions of excellence in the classroom, lab, and clinic. 

Faculty Awards 

The Mary Deleo Prize    
Judith Litvin-Daniels, PhD 
Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Lewis Katz School of Medicine  

Russell And Pearl Moses Memorial Endowed Medical Award    
Jill Allenbaugh, MD 
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Lewis Katz School of Medicine    

Blockley-Osler Award
Jonothan Doroshow, MD 
Medicine Site Director, Main Line Health 

Drs. Henry P. and M. Page Laughlin Award
Joel Rosenfeld. MD
Senior Associate Dean for Temple/St. Luke's Regional Medical School



Golden Apple Awards 


Student Awards 

  • John Franklin Huber Award in Anatomy - Lauren Tragesser
  • Leroy W. Krumperman Award - Akshay Shanker
  • Excellence In Dermatology Award - Connie Qiu
  • Excellence In Emergency Medicine Award - Dillon Warr
  • The Philadelphia Assembly of Family Physicians Memorial Award - Samta Amin
  • Dr. Joseph Nathan Grossman Prize in Family Medicine - Vittoria Boni and Sunday Ebo
  • The Edell Family Endowed Prize in Community Medicine - Hayoung Youn
  • Mathilde And Louis Soloff Cardiology Prize - Lauren Tragesser
  • Emmanuel M. Weinberger Prizes:
    • Infectious Disease - Jenna Wick
    • Endocrinology - Samantha Watts
    • Hematology/Oncology - Erin McGillivray
  • Charles H. Kravitz, MD Award in Internal Medicine- Simona Levsky and Kiara Smith
  • Thomas M. Durant Prize in Internal Medicine - Montgomry Burgoon
  • Matthew T. Moore Prize in Neurology - Tiffany Hu
  • American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Prize - Alexander Testino
  • Raymond C. Truex Award in Neuroanatomy - Katherine Ortmeyer
  • The Scholar's Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology - Sara Fuhrman
  • The J. Robert Willson Research Award - Kayla Ostiller
  • John W. Lachman Award in Orthopaedic Surgery - Alec Talsania
  • Bernard J. Ronis and Max L. Ronis Prize In Otolaryngology - Lavanya Nagappan
  • Angelo DiGeorge Prize for Excellence in Pediatrics - Aron Stark
  • Waldo E. Nelson Prize in Pediatrics - Ernestina Gambrah
  • Mary P. Wiedeman Award - Yijun Yang
  • O. Spurgeon English Award - Sarah Hmada
  • The Dr. Herman Brown Award for Excellence in the Study of the Art and Science of Surgery - Jacob Levy
  • Susan And Robert Probst Prize - Miranda Haslam
  • Richard Kendall Award for Excellence in Urology - Matthew Lee
  • J. Robert Troyer Award - Jamil Ahmed
  • The John Fryer Memorial Award - Alexis Collier
  • Bridging the Gaps Scholars - Jessica Fleischer, Devki Gami, and Hayoung Youn
  • The Center for Urban Bioethics - Bioethics Community Engagement Award - Aron Stark
  • The Center for Urban Bioethics - Urban Bioethics Scholar Award - Jenny Nguyen
  • Raemma Paredes Luck, MD Award - Ernestina Gambrah
  • The Leslie Squires Compassion in Medicine Award - Katya Ahr
  • Jerry Zaslow Memorial Award - David Dugue
  • The School of Medicine Service Award - John Pisan, Atilio Atencio, and Bryan Kim
  • Emily Reeves Award for Service - Meloni Parekh
  • Manpreet Chohan Endowed Award - Michael Creager and Kurt Koehler
  • The Elliot MED '67 and Susan Menkowitz Award - Montgomry Burgoon
  • The Mary Daly Award - Walaa Abdelfadhel and Parker Miller
  • The Charles Schnall Alumni Award for Clinical Excellence - Rebecca Unterborn
  • The Joseph C. Doane Memorial Prize - Dillon Warr


Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society

  • Walaa Abdelfadeel
  • Saira Agarwala
  • Atilio Atencio
  • Douglas Brown
  • Montgomry Burgoon
  • Michael Creager
  • David Dugue
  • Steven Forman
  • Sara Fuhrman
  • Lindsay Goldblatt
  • Miranda Haslam
  • Ntiense Inyang
  • Erin Jennings
  • Hassan Jessani
  • Bryan Kim
  • Eunjae Lee
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Rebecca Loechli
  • Jenna Maroney
  • Erin McGillivray
  • Sandra Mikhael
  • Rebecca Moon
  • Jenny Nguyen
  • Calliope O'Shea
  • Kayla Ostiller
  • Tamika Queen
  • Marie Ralff
  • Akshay Shanker
  • Kiara Smith
  • Priyanka Solanki
  • Manasa Shreevillibhuthur
  • Jani Swiatek
  • Alec Talsania
  • Alexander Testino
  • Rebecca Unterborn
  • Jessica Walsh
  • Samantha Watts
  • Tyler Wilps
  • Hayoung Youn
  • James Yun


Gold Humanism Honor Society

  • Walaa Abdelfadeel
  • Saira Agarwala
  • Katya Ahr
  • Atilio Atencio
  • Vittoria Boni
  • Montgomry Burgoon
  • Joseph Corcoran
  • Michael Creager
  • David Dugue
  • Sunday Ebo
  • Jessica Fleischer
  • Devki Gami
  • William Hardaker
  • Miranda Haslam
  • Erin Jennings
  • Neena Kashyap
  • Nicole Katz
  • Ghazal Khorrami
  • Bryan Kim
  • Rebecca Loechli
  • Keith Luthuli
  • Collin Mayemura
  • Benjamin McKay
  • Parker Miller
  • Jenny Nguyen
  • Rachel Pallay
  • Miloni Parekh
  • Danielle Porrecha
  • Christopher Rakay
  • Akshay Shanker
  • Rebecca Unterborn
  • Elizabeth Volpicelli
  • Jonathan Welch
  • Isaac Wenger
  • James Yun