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Keepers of the Flame: Faculty Promotion, Tenure & Retirement, 2023

News June 29, 2023

an older man and Dean Amy J. Goldberg, MD

“Students come and go, but faculty are in it for the long haul, keepers of the flame,” said Amy J. Goldberg, MD, Dean of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, during the Katz School’s 2023 faculty promotion, tenure, and retirement celebration.

The event, held June 22 in the Medical Education and Research Building on the school’s Philadelphia campus, lauded the contributions of 52 faculty newly awarded promotion to higher rank; two who were granted tenure; and 13 who plan to retire this year. (The names of these exceptional faculty members are listed below.)

Dr. Goldberg described these changes as “significant milestones to be acknowledged and applauded.”

an older man and woman posing with Dean Amy J. Goldberg, MD

“I am so very grateful for the contributions you have made to the Lewis Katz School of Medicine and our entire community,” she told the faculty, many of whom gathered to celebrate with colleagues, family members, and mentors.

“Our students are better-educated, better-prepared, because of you. Our programs and program content are top-notch because you make them so,” said the dean.

Promotions and Tenure

One thing was made clear as the dean spoke: Is it not easy to be promoted at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine.  Exacting standards must be met. The criteria are challenging and weighty.

two male and one female faculty members

“You must climb mountains to be promoted or tenured.  And document the climb and have witnesses,” said the dean, clearly proud that such a significant proportion of faculty – 52 -- faculty negotiated the challenge with seeming ease -- elevating themselves across scholarship, teaching, research, service, or leadership.  In some cases, all of these things.

“Given the demands that promotion entails, I’m thrilled to announce that 37 Katz faculty have been promoted to associate professor this year, and 15 to full professor,” said Dean Goldberg.

In addition, two Katz faculty members were awarded tenure this year,  another status that is difficult to attain. Tenured faculty are individuals of considerable expertise and excellent judgment. Tenure denotes seniority in the scholarly world.

“One of our newly tenured faculty holds associate professorships in four departments, including Thoracic Medicine and Surgery:  Umadevi Sajjan, PhD,” said the dean. “The other faculty member tenured this year also received a promotion in rank to Associate Professor this year: Sara Jane Ward, PhD, who holds appointments in Neural Sciences and in the  Center for Substance Abuse Research.

three female Temple Medical School faculty members

Retirement: So Bittersweet

The next part of the event recognized 13 faculty who plan to retire this year.

a male faculty member next to a female faculty member

The dean announced the name of each retiree, along with their primary departments and years of service (see list below).

“It’s hard to lose you, but your retirements are beyond well-earned,” she said, expounding on the contributions each has made over the years -- benefitting students and for the school, science and healthcare, the people of North Philadelphia and people everywhere.

“The generations of learners you have inspired, the patients you have helped, the research you’ve conducted. Your work has been transformative,” said the dean. “It is impossible  to overstate how important each of you are and how wonderfully you have shaped the quality and character of our school! We are exceptionally grateful  for all you have done!”

The dean credited faculty with giving the Lewis Katz School of Medicine its great reputation, not just for academics but also for extra-curricular clubs, projects, and activities as well – service-oriented ones, especially.

one man, one woman, and another man from the faculty

“Faculty are the ones that develop these activities and keep them going, year after year. You are the keepers of tradition,” she said

“It’s impossible to express how much we will miss you,” she continued, “and yet -- and yet –  each of you has left an indelible and incredible legacy at this school of medicine that will carry on! We embody part of you just as you will always carry us with you … and that is a wonderful thing.”

Personal Cheering Sections

During the event, the dean recognized the mentors, colleagues, friends, and family members who’ve provided invaluable support to the honorees along the way. 

She described their encouragement and support as  “superpowers that make a tremendous difference.” 

“A giant shout out for mentors, friends, and family!” she said. “None of us would be where we are today without you!  Everyone benefits from a cheering section!”

With that, the formal portion of the event concluded with a final round of applause – and everyone enjoyed food, drink, and the pleasure of one another’s company.

cheering Temple faculty at the event


Umadevi Sajjan, PhD — Microbiology, Immunology & Inflammation

Sara Jane Ward, PhD — Neural Sciences

Promoted to Professor

Kristin Krauss, MD — Anesthesiology

Stephen McCaughan, DO — Anesthesiology

Nicole Griffin, PhD — Biomedical Education and Data Science

Kathleen Fane, MD — Emergency Medicine

Megan Healy, MD — Emergency Medicine

Derek Isenberg, MD — Emergency Medicine

Zachary Repanshek, MD — Emergency Medicine

David Fiss, MD— Medicine-Cardiology

Wadia Mulla, MD — Obstetrics/Gynecology

Adil Khan, PhD — Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Heidi, Taylor, DO — Pediatrics-Neonatology

Ellen Gluzman, MD — Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Emily Cuthbertson, MD — Radiology

Joseph Panaro, MD — Radiology

Daniel Salerno, MD — TMS-Pulmonary

Michael Metro, MD — Urology

Promoted to Associate Professor

Dmitry Roberman, DO — Anesthesiology

Anish Sethi, DO — Anesthesiology

Felipe Suero, MD — Anesthesiology

Louis King, MD — Emergency Medicine

Mark Magee, MD — Emergency Medicine

Jessica Patterson, MD — Emergency Medicine

Clare Roepke, MD — Emergency Medicine

Menachem Leasy, MD — Family and Community Medicine

Kourtney Osorio, MD — Family and Community Medicine

James Tucker, MD — Family and Community Medicine

Sabrina Islam, MD, MPH — Medicine-Cardiology

Val Rakita, MD — Medicine-Cardiology

Carolyn Hogan, MD — Medicine-Hepatology

Cindy Chen, MD — Medicine-Hospitalist

Maria Escorcia De Leon, MD — Medicine-Hospitalist

Shekkar Eswarakrishnan, MD — Medicine-Hospitalist

Lindsay McGann, MD — Medicine-Hospitalist

John Nawn, MD — Medicine-Hospitalist

Aaron Mishkin,  MD — Medicine-Infectious Diseases

Sumithra Nalla, MD — Medicine-Nephrology

Sara Jane Ward, PhD — Neural Sciences

Lauren Koffman, DO — Neurology

Ching Tsao, MD — Neurology

Rami Almefty, MD — Neurosurgery

Laura Hart, MD — Obstetrics/Gynecology

David Galos, MD — Ortho Surgery and Sports Medicine

Ruby Barghini, MD — Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Jeffery Cruz, MD — Radiology

Blachy Davila, MD — Radiology

Neilesh Gupta, MD — Radiology

Renee Kendzierski, DO — Radiology

Jared Meshekow, MD, MPH — Radiology

Jonathan Rubin, MD — Radiology

Lindsay Kuo, MD — Surgery-General

Lawrence Oresanya, MD — Surgery-Vascular

Roh Yanagida, MD, PhD — Surgery-Cardiovascular

David Manoff, MD — TMS-Pulmonary           

Retiring (with years of service)

Arthur Washburn, PhD — Anatomy — 18

Helen Pearson, PhD — Biomedical Education & Data Science — 40

Brett Oxberry, PhD — Biomedical Education & Data Science — 41                    

Daniel Liebermann, PhD — Cancer & Cellular Biology — 30

Carmen Sapienza, PhD — Cancer & Cellular Biology — 30

Steven Houser, PhD — Cardiovascular Sciences — 44

Marla R. Wolfson, MS, PhD — Cardiovascular Sciences — 42

Stephen Permut, MD, JD — Family Medicine — 27

Dianne Soprano,  PhD  Genetics & Molecular Biochemistry — 36

Gerri Schulman, MD — Medicine/Nephrology — 36

Timothy Lachman, MD — Neurology — 17

Ronald Tuma, PhD — Physiology  — 46

Polina Zilbering, MD  Psychiatry — 13

the Temple T, a bouquet of flowers, and a program