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Honoring the Class of 2022’s Top Students, and the Faculty Who Most Inspired Them

News May 16, 2022

Awards Day On the eve of commencement, as is tradition at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, the Class of 2022’s top students, and the faculty who left the greatest impression on the class, were honored during a ceremony at the school. Known as Awards Day, the event is made possible through the contributions of generous donors.

“While we are proud of all our graduates and our faculty, some of you merit special recognition for exceptional academic achievements and outstanding contributions to the life of the school,” said Amy J. Goldberg, MD, FACS, Interim Dean of the Lewis Katz School of the outset of the Awards Day ceremony. 

What follows is a complete list of the students and faculty who were recognized during the May 5 ceremony. 

Alpha Omega Alpha Inductees

  • Chinaemelum Akpunonu
  • Caroline Antonacci
  • Hannah Bank
  • Roshni Bhat
  • Tamsin Board
  • Sean Brown
  • Juan Cerezo
  • Katey Cohen
  • Lauren D'Andrea
  • Phil Delrosario
  • Keri Denson
  • Jennifer Eurich
  • Stephanie Fagbemi
  • Kayla Fresco
  • Zachary Fuller
  • Mykal Gerald
  • Leah Goldberg
  • Connor Hartzell
  • Tara Holmes
  • Meghan Hotz
  • Abraham Ifrah
  • Dreana Jett
  • Briana Kaplunov
  • Jeremy Klein
  • Christina Lopez
  • Randolph Lyde
  • Negene McLennon
  • Nikita Mokhashi
  • Kelsey Muir
  • David Posocco
  • Sharmaine Ross
  • Vered Schwell
  • Amber Shelton
  • Victoria Spedding
  • Morgan Sussman
  • Rachel Thomas
  • Gena Topper
  • Lorena Walker
  • Theresa Webster
  • Wei Jenny Yang
  • Liti Zhang
  • Jonathan Zirnheld

The Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductees

  • Chinaemelum Akpunonu
  • Kayla Alderfer
  • Caroline Antonacci
  • Awa Bakayoko
  • Meera Beedi
  • Roshni Bhat
  • Sean Brown
  • Phil Delrosario
  • Keri Denson
  • Stephanie Fagbemi
  • Jasmin Feliciano
  • Soni-Lynn Francois
  • Mykal Gerald
  • Arianna Ghazanfar
  • Leah Goldberg
  • Erin Hall
  • Kevin Hendrickson
  • Tara Holmes
  • Nicholas Janigian
  • Briana Kaplunov
  • Jeremy Klein
  • Katie Kwon
  • Abigail Lauder
  • Ted Lin
  • Randolph Lyde
  • Rhiannon McGrath
  • Sophia Mercadante
  • Nikita Mokhashi
  • Kelsey Muir
  • Philippe Ortiz
  • Claire Perez
  • Adam Reiss
  • Jennifer Schadt
  • Amber Shelton
  • Ambuj Suri
  • Tochi Unegbu-Ogbonna
  • Theresa Webster
  • Liti Zhang

Faculty Awards 

The Mary Deleo Prize

William F. Robinson, DPT, PhD

The Russell and Pearl Moses Memorial Endowed Medical Award

Jared R. Hassler, MD

The Blockley-Osler Award

Courtney Humphrey, MD

The Dr. Henry P. and M. Page Laughlin Award

Alexandra Solosko, DO

Catherine E. Bernardini, DO

Nathaniel Abramson, DO

The Golden Apple Award

Jill Allenbaugh, MD

Anuj Basil, MD

Howard C. Levin, MD

Scott Rawls, PhD

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award


The Temple University Faculty Research Award

John Elrod, PhD

Student Awards 

The John Franklin Huber Award in Anatomy

Kelsey Muir

The Leroy W. Krumperman Award

McKayla Mawn

The Excellence in Dermatology Award

Morgan Sussman

The Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award

Leah Goldberg

The Philadelphia Assembly of Family Physicians Memorial Award

Dreana Jett

The Dr. Joseph Nathan Grossman Prize in Family Medicine

Negene McLennon

Alison Richard

The Edell Family Endowed Prize in Community Medicine

Soni-Lynn Francois

The Mathilde and Louis Soloff Cardiology Prize

Michael Rockman

The Emmanuel M. Weinberger Prizes

Sophia Mercadante, Cardiology

Jeremy Klein, Gastroenterology

Emily Brzana, Infectious Diseases

The Charles H. Kravitz Award in Internal Medicine

Paul Gallina

Tochi Unegbu-Ogbonna

The Thomas M. Durant Prize in Internal Medicine

Rachel Thomas

The Matthew T. Moore Prize in Neurology

Daniel Yusupov

The American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Prize

Daniel Thomas

The Raymond C. Truex Award

Bradley Inman

David Posocco

The Scholar’s Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Katie Kwon

The J. Robert Willson Research Award

Alexa Leib

The John W. Lachman Award in Orthopaedic Surgery

Jennifer Eurich

The Bernard J. Ronis and Max L. Ronis in Otolaryngology

Ted Lin

The Angelo DiGeorge Prize for Excellence in Pediatrics

Melanie Simons

The Waldo E. Nelson Prize in Pediatrics

Anthony Bernick

The Mary P. Wiedeman Award

Lindsay Kraus

The O. Spurgeon English Award

Rina Bhalodi

The Dr. Herman Brown Award for Excellence in the Study of the Art and Science of Surgery

Hannah Bank

The Susan and Robert Probst Prize

Liti Zhang

The W. Emory Burnett Prize in Surgery

Megan Hotz

The A. Richard Kendall Award for Excellence in Urology

Srikar Kuppa

The J. Robert Troyer Award

Liti Zhang

The John Fryer Memorial Award

Arianna Ghazanfar

The Bridging the Gaps Scholar

Hannah Sagin

The Center for Urban Bioethics’ Bioethics Community Engagement Award

Mykal Gerald

The Center for Urban Bioethics’ Bioethics Scholar Award

Pablo Gutierrez

The Raemma Paredes Luck Award

Roshni Bhat

Jonathan Zirnheld

The Leslie Squires Compassion in Medicine Award

Natalie Stumpf

The Jerry Zaslow Memorial Award

Hannah Bank

The School of Medicine Service Award

Stephanie Fagbemi

Ambuj Suri

Gena Topper

The Emily Reeves Award for Service

Matthew Asteak

The Manpreet Chohan Endowed Award

Phil Delrosario

Nikita Mokhashi

The Dr. Elliot (Class of 1967) and Susan Menkowitz Award

Leah Goldberg

The Mary Daly Award

Kayla Fresco

Mykal Gerald

The Charles Schnall Alumni Award for Clinical Excellence

Katey Cohen

The Joseph C. Doane Memorial Prize

David Posocco