In This Section


Temple Faculty

  • Shohreh Amini, PhD, HIV-1 and cellular factors regulating transcription
  • Nae Dunn, PhD, Neuronal signaling/calcium channels
  • Toby Eisenstein, PhD, Interaction of drugs of abuse with the immune system
  • Tracy Fischer-Smith, PhD, Clinical NeuroAIDS pathogenesis and biomarkers
  • Jennifer Gordon, PhD, Gene expression in transgenic and knockout mice
  • Kamel Khalili, PhD, In vitro molecular studies – HIV and JCV gene expression
  • Dianne T. Langford, PhD, Mechanisms of neuroinjury and protection
  • Jay Rappaport, PhD, Viral genetics/cellular trafficking in NeuroAIDS
  • Thomas Rogers, PhD, G protein coupled receptors in NeuroAIDS
  • Mahmut Safak, PhD, JCV gene expression
  • Ellen Tedaldi, MD, HIV clinical trials

Drexel Faculty

  • Peter Baas, PhD, HIV-1 proteins and neuronal injury
  • Irwin Chaiken, PhD, Molecular therapeutics and HIV-1 gp120 coreceptor interactions
  • Jeffrey Jacobson, MD, HIV clinical trials
  • Steven Jennings, PhD, CTL function and control of virus infection
  • Peter Katsikis, PhD, Genetic variation and HIV/SIV immune escape
  • Fred Krebs, PhD, Inhibition of HIV-1 receptor/coreceptor interactions
  • Peter Lelkes, PhD, Tissue engineering of the blood-brain barrier
  • Julio Martin-Garcia, PhD, HIV-1 gp120 and microglial/macrophage infection
  • Olimpia Meucci, PhD, Neuronal injury and protection in NeuroAIDS
  • Brian Wigdahl, PhD, Impact of genetic variation on HIV transcription and disease