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Community Engagement

CAH community engagement programs focus on improving Asian and ethnic minority community wide health and facilitating access to healthcare.  CAH programs are evidence-based and are culturally and linguistically appropriate.  CAH’s partnerships with more than 380 Asian and other ethnic  community-based organizations ensures the viability of these programs through timely dissemination of health messages, education, early detection of health problems as well as provision of services especially to hard-to-reach and underserved communities and populations.

CAH’s community health education provided in English, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Tagalog includes the following areas:

Cancer Education

  • Cervical Cancer for Asian Women
  • Outreach & Health Communication
  • Becoming Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Navigator
  • Hepatitis B-Liver Cancer Prevention and Intervention
  • Hepatitis C-Liver Cancer Prevention  
  • Cancer Education for Asians (Cancer ABC)
  • Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
  • Lung and Oral Cancer Prevention for Smokers
  • Lung Cancer Screening for People at Risk
  • Cancer Health Disparity Education for Health Providers
  • Clinical Trials Education for Asians and Underserved Populations
  • Patient Navigation Competencies

Chronic Disease Education

  • Healthy Heart in Asians
  • Diabetes Education and Management
  • Hypertension Prevention and Control
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Health in Asians

Tobacco Prevention and Treatment

  • Youth Smoking Cessation
  • Asian Quit Using Tobacco (Asian QUIT) –Adult Smoking Cessation
  • Preventing Youth from Smoking and Secondhand Smoke (Youth PASS)
  • Preventing Adult from Smoking and Secondhand Smoke (Adult PASS)
  • Secondhand Smoke-free for Asian Family and Community (SAF)
  • Smoke-free Asian Youth Program (SAY)
  • Tobacco Policy Research in Asian Communities (TPRAC)
  • Tobacco Control in China (TCC)

Mental and Behavioral Health

  • Access to Mental Health Care for Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency
  • Cultural Stigma and Mental Health Support
  • Behavioral Health Screenings
  • Building Healthy Minds

Training and Capacity Building

  • Training Community Health Workers
  • Training and Capacity Building for Community Partners
  • Small Grants for Innovative Projects