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Community Engagement

CAH community engagement programs focus on improving Asian and ethnic minority community wide health and facilitating access to healthcare.  CAH programs are evidence-based and are culturally and linguistically appropriate.  CAH’s partnerships with more than 380 Asian and other ethnic  community-based organizations ensures the viability of these programs through timely dissemination of health messages, education, early detection of health problems as well as provision of services especially to hard-to-reach and underserved communities and populations.

CAH’s community health education provided in English, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Tagalog includes the following areas:

Cancer Education

Cervical Cancer for Asian Women
Outreach & Health Communication
Becoming Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Navigator
Hepatitis B-Liver Cancer Prevention and Intervention
Hepatitis C-Liver Cancer Prevention  
Cancer Education for Asians (Cancer ABC)
Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
Lung and Oral Cancer Prevention for Smokers
Lung Cancer Screening for People at Risk
Cancer Health Disparity Education for Health Providers
Clinical Trials Education for Asians and Underserved Populations
Patient Navigation Competencies

Chronic Disease Education

Healthy Heart in Asians
Diabetes Education and Management
Hypertension Prevention and Control
Osteoporosis and Bone Health in Asians

Tobacco Prevention and Treatment

Youth Smoking Cessation
Asian Quit Using Tobacco (Asian QUIT) –Adult Smoking Cessation
Preventing Youth from Smoking and Secondhand Smoke (Youth PASS)
Preventing Adult from Smoking and Secondhand Smoke (Adult PASS)
Secondhand Smoke-free for Asian Family and Community (SAF)
Smoke-free Asian Youth Program (SAY)
Tobacco Policy Research in Asian Communities (TPRAC)
Tobacco Control in China (TCC)

Mental and Behavioral Health

Access to Mental Health Care for Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency
Cultural Stigma and Mental Health Support
Behavioral Health Screenings
Building Healthy Minds

Training and Capacity Building

Training Community Health Workers
Training and Capacity Building for Community Partners
Small Grants for Innovative Projects