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  • Alzheimer's Center at Temple Awarded $3.8 Million from Pennsylvania Department of Health to Lead Collaborative Investigation into Vascular Risk Factors in Dementia (September 24, 2020) Read Now 
  • Temple Receives Gift to Create the Scott Richards North Star Foundation and Stop Alzheimer’s Now Chair for Alzheimer’s Research (January 7, 2020) Read Now 
  • New Study At Temple Shows Extra Virgin Olive Oil Staves Off Multiple Forms of Dementia in Mice (November 25, 2019) Read Now 
  • High-Fat Diet in Utero Protects Against Alzheimer's Disease Later in Life, Temple Researchers Show in Mice (August 27, 2019) Read Now
  • Sorting Protein in Neurons Defends Against Neurodegenerative Disease, Temple Researchers Discover (July 9, 2019) Read Now
  • Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Receives $100,000 Donation from Stop Alzheimer's Now to Conduct Groundbreaking Study (January 9, 2019) Read Now
  • Temple Researchers Successfully Reverse Cognitive Impairments in Mice with Dementia (June 8, 2018) Read Now
  • Elevated Homocysteine Identified as Metabolic Risk Factor for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Scientists at Temple Report (May 16, 2018) Read Now
  • Major Gift Endows Alzheimer's Chair & Center at Temple (March 16, 2018) Read Now
  • Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Announces Creation of "Alzheimer's Center at Temple" (March 14, 2018) Read Now
  • Canola Oil Linked to Worsened Memory and Learning Ability in Alzheimer's Disease, Temple Researchers Report (December 7, 2017) Read Now
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Preserves Memory and Protects Brain Against Alzheimer’s Disease, New Research at Temple Shows: (June 21, 2017) Read Now
  • Glucose Deprivation in the Brain Sets Stage for Alzheimer’s Disease, New Temple Study Shows (January 31, 2017) Read Now
  • Temple Research Points to Potential New Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease (January 17, 2017) Read Now