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Graduate Certificate Program in Narrative Medicine

Launching Fall 2021, the Graduate Certificate Program in Narrative Medicine formally recognizes proficiency in narrative medicine -- a burgeoning field within academic medicine and healthcare.  

The 12-credit program develops participants’ aptitude for identifying, interpreting, and telling stories of sickness and health.

The program offers participants a deep dive into the principles and practices of narrative medicine, providing a theoretical and academic foundation for reflection connected to experiential work in hospital and clinical settings. 

The curriculum improves narrative skills through reflective writing assignments and through analysis of fiction and non-fiction writing. Participants interested in other forms of expression (such as film, visual arts, dance, music, and other creative media) have opportunities to explore those outlets for reflection and storytelling as well.

Through participation in small seminar courses, activities in the hospital, and completion of a capstone project, participants explore the role of narrative to improve their ability to understand patients, to care for patients, to deepen their sense of meaning, and to increase satisfaction in their clinical roles.  

Who Should Apply? Students and professionals with a strong interest in narrative medicine and medical humanities are encouraged to apply. The program is open to medical students and students in all health professions, as well as to physicians, nurses, and providers in other healthcare fields. We also welcome applicants in related other fields with an interest in the narrative medicine arena.

Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree is required.

Program Length: The program is designed to accommodate the schedules of medical students and students in other health-profession programs as well as working professionals.

MD candidates can complete the Narrative Medicine certificate over the four-year period of the MD curriculum, a courses and assignments align with MD program coursework. 

Other participants can complete the program in three years.



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