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William Maul Measey Institute for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety


Provide excellence in the training of the art and science of medicine and surgery, using a traditional laboratory setting, state-of-the-art virtual reality, and simulation for learners including practicing physicians and residents, emergency response personnel, and allied health students and professionals.

Facilitate maintenance of clinical and procedural skills for all levels of learners in order to promote patient safety.

Enable high quality research in medical and surgical education including the development of innovative technologies for teaching clinical procedural and cognitive skills.

ICS uses multiple modalities including high- and low-fidelity, virtual reality simulators, and a robust Standardized Patient program to fulfill the mission to become a leader in medical and surgery education and patient safety initiatives. ICS received the initial American College of Surgeons Comprehensive Accreditation for Education Institutes in 2006 and most recent reaccreditation in 2018.

For information regarding the use of the ICS and its services, contact the ICS staff at

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