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Biochemical Pharmacology Core

Lee-Yuan Liu-Chen, Core Director
Mary Abood, Co-Investigator
The Biochemical Pharmacology Core provides the following services:

  • Radioligand binding: opioid, dopamine, and cannabinoid (CB) and nicotinic receptors. We will develop assays for other receptors or binding sites when necessary.
  • Receptor autoradiography: opioid, dopamine and CB receptors. We will develop others when necessary.
  • Autoradiography of opioid agonist-promoted [35S]GTPγS to brain sections.
  • Assessment of receptor activation by determination of cAMP level [protein kinase A binding protein method, cAMP response element (CRE) – luciferase assay], [35S]GTPγS binding, p44/42 MAP kinases phosphorylation (immunoblotting of phosphorylated p44/42 MAP kinase), receptor internalization (on-cell western assay) and β-arrestin recruitment.
  • Immunoblotting of endogenous MOPR
  • Providing purified MOPR antibodies to other researchers
  • Training of other labs’ personnel if the labs desire to do so.