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Research Programs

NIDA Core Center of Excellence: “Center on Intersystem Regulation by Drugs of Abuse”  
Program Director: Ellen M. Unterwald, PhD  (P30 DA013429)

The NIDA-funded P30 Core Center of Excellence grant supports preclinical research on drugs of abuse and addiction, with translational applications. Major integrative themes of the Center include:

1) mechanisms of addiction and identification of novel therapeutic targets. 

2) effects of drugs of abuse on HIV infection.

3) neuroimmune interactions, including cross-talk between classical neurotransmitter systems and chemokines as related to pain, inflammation, and HIV. 

4) pain and analgesia with the goal of identifying opioid-sparing treatments for pain.

The Research Cores and their investigators have the ability to attack research problems from multiple levels, with expertise in molecular, cellular, immunological, pharmacological, physiological, and behavioral approaches. This unique aspect of the Center encourages multi-disciplinary collaborations to best address novel hypotheses and significantly advances individual research programs. The NIDA Core Center provides cutting-edge technologies for research projects related to NIDA's mission, as well as to our NIDA-supported trainees. The Center enhances synergy and productivity, and stimulates innovative scientific discoveries that have significantly advanced our knowledge of substance abuse. The Core facilities enable individual researchers to extend their funded projects, bring new researchers into the field of substance abuse, and create a scientifically vibrant atmosphere.

The Research Support Cores of the NIDA P30 Center are as follows:

CSAR welcomes all researchers with an interest in utilizing the services of the P30 Research Cores for collaborations on substance abuse-related projects to contact the Core Directors directly. Click here for links to recent publications supported by P30 DA013429.