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The mission of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is to provide an excellent educational experience for our medical, dental, podiatric and graduate students; excellent clinical and laboratory services to the clinicians and patients we serve; and to participate in and contribute to both basic, applied and clinical research intradepartmentally, intramurally and extramurally in the field of pathology and laboratory medicine. Additionally, it is our goal to contribute to the administrative, research, clinical, educational and support functions of other basic science and clinical departments within the School of Medicine and to Temple University as a whole.
The Department has a history of providing excellent educational opportunities for medical, dental, podiatric and graduate students. Basic, applied and clinical research activities have been broad and productive for many years. Clinical service functions in both anatomic and clinical pathology are notable strengths of this department and are well regarded by clinicians throughout the Temple University Health System.
The Department is, for a number of reasons, one of the most varied and inclusive departments of its kind in North America. In the first case, very few such departments are responsible for educational activities for schools of dentistry. Secondly, even fewer such departments are responsible for educational activities for schools of podiatry. Thirdly, not all academic departments of pathology and laboratory medicine include doctoral-level graduate study.