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Temple University’s Center for Urban Bioethics (CUB) is committed to defining and addressing the ethical challenges of urban health care, public health status, and policy.

With its abundance of academic medical centers, Philadelphia should be the one of the healthiest cities in the nation—yet health disparities persist in the city at levels surpassing national averages. Health status is especially troubling in North Philadelphia, where a disproportionately high number of residents suffer from preventable and treatable health conditions—and many battle chronic illnesses without health insurance.

The Center’s interdisciplinary membership includes community residents, faculty, students and staff representing numerous schools within Temple University and Temple University Health System – all working to improve health status for vulnerable urban populations and to position Temple University as a nationally recognized expert in the field of urban health and bioethics.

CUB Mission


CUB is committed to providing inter-disciplinary and inter-professional education to all those who are involved in providing and maintaining health that is specific to the strengths and needs evident in an urban, distressed community. We do this in an inter-disciplinary setting including:

  • Didactic sessions
  • Discussion groups
  • Online education
  • Community based learning
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Simulation
  • Clinical skills utilization


CUB is committed to improving access and utilization to research opportunities to individuals in urban, distressed communities. Community engagement is essential to developing a new strategy for making clinical trials meaningful and accessible to such communities.

It is also imperative that we research issues of health disparity in these communities in order to bring to light information needed for essential policy change.

Finally, we must research specific bio-marker differences in ethnicity and how to improve patient care with this knowledge.

Clinical Care Delivery

CUB is committed to developing unique approaches to care delivery with the needs of people living in urban, Distressed Communities in the forefront. This will include incorporating issues of:

  • Access
  • Health literacy
  • Cultural humility
  • Community sensitivity
  • Reimbursement challenges
  • Transportation limitations
  • Family and community dynamics
  • Religious influences
  • Educational hurdles
  • Impacts of the social determinants of health