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Resident Life

If you come to Temple, you’ll find that resident camaraderie is one of our distinguishing features and deeply ingrained in our culture. The people you work with will truly become your extended family. We all care about each other and it shows every day. Whether it is from coverage on services, random pow-wows during a night shift, or getting together outside of the hospital. There is no shortage of happy hours, concerts, trivia nights, karaoke, restaurant weeks, sports outings, and weddings, just to name a few of the events we routinely enjoy in the fun-loving city of Philadelphia. We even exercise together! Philly offers all that you would want in a city, but we take it a step further and experience the best parts of the city together. During residency at Temple you’ll find a cohort of long lasting friendships and you will be forever part of the “Temple Family.”

During your training experience as a preliminary or categorical resident there are multiple opportunities during electives and clinic weeks to enjoy a golden weekend.  


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You may be wondering how it’s possible to have some semblance of a normal life during residency. The beauty of our 4+1 system is that categorical residents have a clinic week with a guaranteed golden weekend every 5th week. Our preliminary interns also enjoy an elective week every 5 weeks in place of clinic. These weeks are less busy, so naturally, we fill in the extra time outside of work by hanging out with each other. But because we are proponents of the motto “work hard, play hard,” you’ll see that our residents are not limited to enjoying themselves during these lighter weeks.

For evidence of our #templefam, see photos below or follow us on Instagram @templeim.