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Student Spotlight

First-Year Student: Huasong Tang

Last year, Huasong Tang, now a fourth year medical student, was on an away rotation at UC Davis, surrounded by other students from some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country. It was a little intimidating at first, until they all began their hands-on work. “The professor kept asking: ‘who here can do a suture?  Who here can do this or that procedure’ and I was repeatedly the only one to raise my hand.”

“I suddenly realized, maybe for the first time, how well-prepared Temple had made me. I had been doing stuff in my first year that many students had never done. I felt incredibly well trained, incredibly well-prepared, and incredibly proud of Temple.”

Getting a hands-on education had always been a top priority for Tang. Originally from China until his family relocated to Philadelphia, Tang began shadowing Temple physicians like Dr. Michael Weinik and Dr. Amy Goldberg while still an undergraduate at Villanova. He began doing away rotations at places like UC Davis and National Taiwan University in Taipei. And through it all, he is constantly impressed at the freedom of opportunity he has at Temple.

“If you want to pursue something specific, you almost always can,” he says. “There are no limitations. If you want to work on a research project, just email a faculty member; if you want to shadow somebody, just show up and ask; if you want to rotate somewhere specific, there are so many options.”

“Temple gives you every opportunity to personalize your education, and every effort to make sure your clinical training is on par with everyone else ’s by the time you leave.”