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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Primary Care Program

Thank you for your interest in our Primary Care Program! The program was developed in 2006 as an option within the Temple University Internal Medicine Program to serve the needs of residents who expressed interest in pursuing a career in primary care after residency. We are excited to provide these residents with both the rigorous, hospital-based training of the internal medicine residency and an intensive primary care training experience based on the principles of continuity, mentorship, and small group learning. The primary care track offers residents all the resources of a traditional urban internal medicine program with a focus on the core skills necessary to function as a practicing outpatient physician after residency.

Overview and Goals

The goal of the Primary Care Program is to provide residents interested in primary care, or closely- related specialties, with an intensive primary care experience throughout their residency. The structure of the program provides a longitudinal primary care training experience that simulates small group practice as well as exposure to community general internal medicine outside of the academic center setting. In addition, the program fosters an environment in which trainees engage each other regularly concerning issues relevant to their future careers. The components of this training program include:

  • Our innovative block scheduling system, in which the primary care residents rotate together every 5 weeks.  Second- and third-year residents have a schedule with a more intense focus on outpatient electives and experiences.
  • Intensive mentoring and career advice by general internal medicine faculty.
  • Year-round small group longitudinal conference series facilitated by general internal medicine faculty.
  • Second outpatient clinical site exposure
  • Extensive opportunities for dedicated ambulatory training during all three years
  • Experience in non-traditional clinical experiences including palliative care, rehabilitation medicine, community health centers, health care financing, and psychiatry.

General Internal Medicine Outpatient Practice

All residents in the Primary Care Program follow their own patient cohort in the Temple Internal Medicine Associates outpatient practice.  Residents are expected to function as partners in a group practice with their co-residents and faculty supervisors. They are responsible for coordinating care with support staff, following up on results of laboratory and other studies they order, and answering messages from their primary care patients.


The Primary Care Program director, Dr. Paul Williams, meets regularly with all residents in the program to discuss outpatient clinical skills, post-residency career planning, and research interests. In addition, efforts will be made to match residents with other faculty who share interests with the resident. Primary Care Track residents find another mentor in the community preceptor they work closely with, at another site outside of the Temple system

Primary Care Program Specific Conferences

Program-specific conferences serve as a forum for resident-driven educational experiences and presentations specific to primary care training, including PICO presentations, evidence-based physical examination, primary care journal club, psychosocial topics, and issues pertinent to systems-based practice. One resident is assigned to lead each of these sessions with faculty facilitation. The Primary Care Program director will facilitate conferences with additional participation from interested general internal medicine faculty, and other invited guests. These conferences occur over a half-day session during each ambulatory week.

Community Medicine Experience

Each resident in the Primary Care Program will be assigned a second outpatient preceptor experience in addition to their continuity practice. The attending preceptors are practicing general internists in the community invited to participate because of their interest in teaching and mentoring. This experience provides another opportunity to learn clinical general medicine, to interact with a mentor, and to gain experience with the operations of a community primary care practice. If specific requests are made regarding a preferred practice type for the second continuity experience, all efforts will be made to fulfill the request.

Outpatient Block

Outpatient blocks consist of two-week electives that are directly relevant to outpatient medical practice. These electives are available to all categorical residents, but in order to ensure adequate primary care training, residents in the program rotate through dermatology, psychiatry, healthcare finance, and gynecology, as well as a musculoskeletal rotation in orthopedics, rheumatology or sports medicine.

Applying to the Program

The Primary Care Program is fully integrated with the Temple University categorical internal medicine residency. If you are at all interested in participating in this program, please let us know when you are contacted for an interview so we may better match you with a faculty interviewer. Once you match at Temple, all categorical residents are invited to apply for the Primary Care Track, with an interest statement. Two incoming interns are selected each year. Since we also recognize that career plans can change during residency, residents may be approved to move into the track as a PGY-2, space permitting. The program leadership offers complete support for whatever career path participating residents ultimately choose. For this reason, although we encourage it, participation in the Program does not require you to be certain that Primary Care is your career path.

Contact Information

If you are interested in the Primary Care Program, please feel free to contact us for more information:

Faculty Supervisor
Paul Williams, MD, FACP

Associate Program Director for Ambulatory Education
Elizabeth Lee, MD

Primary Care Chief Resident
Janice Yackoski, MD
Chief Resident, 2018-2019

Current Third-Year Residents:
Samuel Dengler, MD

Current Second-Year Residents:
Dianna Gaballa, MD

Mica Winchester, MD

Current First-Year Residents:
Mariah Presbery, MD

Anne Matsko, MD