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Medical Education Track


Dr. Hannah Ravreby


For many residents, teaching others provides a sense of joy and fulfillment in medicine. The Medical Education Track was developed by Dr. Alia Chisty (who completed a Clinician Educator fellowship at UCSF prior to coming to Temple, and who is now an Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program) and Dr. Hannah Ravreby (who is the clerkship director for the Internal Medicine 3rd year clerkship at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University) to meet the needs of residents who desire additional training beyond the essentials for teaching and evaluating learners, and for those who are interested in a career as a Medical Educator.  The main objectives of this track are to advance the knowledge and skills needed for effective teaching across a wide variety of settings, understand the concepts of adult learning theory, develop sound methods of assessment and feedback, and foster skills for medical education scholarship.  Enrollees will be introduced to these topics through a Medical Education Immersion Elective, a week-long, small group, interactive course led by local and regional experts in the field of medical education.  Over the second and third year of residency, a longitudinal curriculum is delivered to the residents during dedicated time within the ambulatory week. Track participants will receive additional opportunities to practice teaching under the observation of the track directors and other medical educators, both in clinical and didactic settings.  Each resident in the Medical Education track is guaranteed time on the highly sought-after Teaching Resident elective, whereby third year residents develop and facilitate case conferences for the 3rd year medical students on internal medicine.  Additionally, each track participant is expected to develop an individual scholarly project (medical education research or curriculum development and assessment).   Residents receive mentoring from the track directors throughout the course of the project.  At the culmination of the project, it is expected that residents will submit the work to a national meeting in order to participate in a national conference and develop their presentation skills.  

How and When to Apply

Interested residents apply for this track during the winter of intern year.  The application consists of the resident’s CV and a personal statement expressing their reason for interest in the program.  A formal background in teaching or education is not required.


“When I was growing up, I always thought I wanted to be a teacher. And guess what? I still do! Through medical education, we get to teach patients about their health in a one-on-one way, but we also have the opportunity to do small and large group teaching with our medical students and residents. Temple recently developed a Medical Education Track and I knew that it would be a perfect fit to help me achieve my long term goal of being an excellent medical educator. The track has an elective immersion week each year where various stellar and enthusiastic physician educators give talks on how to give effective feedback, make a curriculum, teach small and large groups, deliver chalk-talks, create mentorship and coaching bonds, craft research projects...and the list goes on!! By the end of the track, we will be on pace to have a publishable work or poster presentation in the Med Ed field. I am so thankful that Temple IM created this track, and feel that the residency program goes above and beyond in helping residents achieve their long term goals.”

Heather Fahey, MD

Class of 2019