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Inpatient Experience

"It is within patient encounters that the best learning takes place, but there is more to the story than learning. Our residents are making a difference in patients’ lives every day."

Patient Centered Care: The Inpatient Experience

At Temple, our residents excel in tending to diverse and intricate medical cases. Amidst these encounters lies profound education and impact. Beyond learning, our residents actively shape and enhance the lives of patients daily. The inpatient clinical and teaching activities at Temple University are centered around experience in:
•    General medicine: includes General Medicine Wards and sub-internship (PGY3 specific)
•    Subspecialty floor teams: Heart Failure, Nephrology, Transplant, Pulmonary, Bone Marrow Unit 
•    Intensive care units: Cardiac (CCU), Respiratory (MICU/MRICU/RICU) 

Our Philosophy

At Temple University Hospital's Internal Medicine Residency, we believe in shaping exceptional physicians through a forward-thinking approach. Our residents don't just provide care; they explore the 'why' behind it. We cultivate interprofessional teamwork, prioritize patient well-being, and instill a dedication to lifelong learning. With a focus on gradual autonomy and professional evolution, our program empowers you to thrive, fostering a profound sense of responsibility and independence along your path to becoming an outstanding medical professional.
•    PGY1: Develop skills, clinical reasoning, and management. Learn on general medicine inpatient floors alongside upper-year residents and dedicated teaching attendings.
•    PGY2: Refine patient management, focusing on subspecialties. Lead and teach the medical team.
•    PGY3: Hone leadership and education abilities. Full-time attending physician supervision with daily teaching rounds for junior team members.

Championing Comprehensive Care: Navigating Complexity

In our program, residents refine diagnostic skills amidst "undifferentiated" medical cases. These challenges, coupled with barriers like limited insurance, health literacy, and substance disorders, drive us to care for Philadelphia's most vulnerable. Our residents become adept at navigating the intricate healthcare landscape, collaborating with interprofessional teams, and tailoring treatment plans to address social determinants of health.

Residents work together while wearing surgical masksThree residents smiling while workingResidents enjoy a luau-themed social event