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Immunogenetics Laboratory

  • Hamid Liacini, PhD (Director)

  • Michiko Taniguchi, PhD

  • Dr. Yue Lynn Wang, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Director

  • Dr. Joseph Testa, Fox Chase Cancer Center

The Immunogenetics Laboratory supports the Temple transplant HLA testing requirements for heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, and bone marrow programs, HLA disease and hypersensitivity associations, and platelet and TRALI Transfusion Medicine needs. The lab performs NGS high and low resolution HLA molecular typing, HLA antibody identification, virtual and Flow cytometry T and B cell crossmatches. The staff monitors the HLA antibody status of patients pre and post-transplant, and provides an estimated risk of antibody mediated rejection, to protect transplant patient safety and improve transplant outcomes.

General Educational Goals

The one-month rotation in Immunogenetics provides the resident with training in the role of HLA determinants, the Immunogenetics Laboratory, and HLA testing.  They will learn how results of histocompatibility testing are generated, interpreted and applied to various clinical situations.  They will be introduced to how HLA test results are communicated to the transplant teams.