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Residency Program

A Message from Gary Domeracki, MD
Associate Professor, Clinical Ophthalmology
Program Director, Ophthalmology Residency

The founder of Temple University, Dr. Russell Conwell, has left a legacy in his famous lecture, “Acres of Diamonds”, which contains the philosophy that has been the guiding light in the Department of Ophthalmology. His message, delivered many times in the 1880s, encourages everyone to “do what you can with what you have where you are today".

In 1970, the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University had to rebuild its Ophthalmology Residency Program because its six-year affiliation with Wills Eye Hospital was discontinued. To recreate a completely new and updated department for a medical school was a challenge for our former Chairmen, Dr. Robinson Harley and Dr. Guy Chan. The philosophy of the founder kindled the spirit to redevelop what has become the present eye service. Temple Eye Service now delivers and will continue to provide up-to-date eye care along with “total patient care”.  Its strong commitment to education and teaching provides effective dissemination of information to all levels of students and professionals.

Temple University Hospital is fortunate to have a medical and surgical staff whose attitude allow easy, effective and efficient interdisciplinary consultations throughout the medical center. The Eye Department emphasizes total patient care.  Although residents in their early training are taught the basics of microsurgical techniques, they have been made aware that this program does not intend to train “technicians”. The ultimate goal is to train them to become superb physicians and ethical ophthalmologists.

Philadelphia is unique in its many eye institutions and ophthalmologists. Our residency training program benefits from the expertise of many dedicated teachers from the staff of numerous institutions. Our residents are privileged to have a broad exposure to many experts and opinions. The strength of the Temple University Ophthalmology Training Program is the unity and dedication of its staff and residents. We offer a challenging environment which demands individual initiative, creativity and resourcefulness. To be a Temple resident is an opportunity for a young physician to carve out a destiny. The present Ophthalmology Program is a living example of the ideal that you can find diamonds in your own backyard, the message and wisdom of “Acres of Diamonds” by Dr. Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University.

The mission of Temple University Ophthalmology Residency Training Program is to provide excellence in teaching and progressive changes and continuous growth of patient care. In order to be productive and successful in this program, it is essential to join the Temple University Ophthalmology family with a constructive attitude...the attitude that, “there are no problems, only many challenges to be mastered".

Gary Domeracki, MD